Welcome to school year 2019- 2020!!
                      Ms. Milano  :)

For all tests, please study review sheets given, notes from class, and textbook.  
All review sheets will be pasted into the Science notebook as well as posted on this website.

Please have all tests signed and returned to school!!       
Please click on your class for dates of tests, quizzes, and projects. 


**"Shark Tank" STEAM Fair Projects  due back to school on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2020.  Information packets will be forthcoming.  **

Please return tear off to school about notification of the New York State Science Exam Review Packets as soon as possible!! Thanks!! :)

Note for all homework assignments due for all grades:
All homework is to be done in the back of the Science notebook unless a sheet was given to you in class or otherwise directed. Please include the homework number ex: Homework # 1, on all homework assignments.   All homework should be signed, dated, and returned to school.  Please click on your grade for all homework assignments.

                            Grade 4  
     ** New York State Science Exam**  
        Written Part Monday, June 1, 2020
             Hands On Part Last two weeks in May 2020**