Parent Information

The information on this page includes policies regarding birthdays, discipline, transportation changes and information related to health.


Discipline Policy

Our classroom is a small community. Each student is a citizen who acts in accordance with expected goals of behavior. Our class has the following classroom goals:


A. To keep our classroom/society a nice place to be, by:


  • Doing our best at all time.
  • Follow directions.
  • Respect teacher’s instruction time and classmates’ right to learn.
  • Keep our room neat and clean.
  • Line up quietly and promptly.
  • RESPECT one another.


B. To keep the room quiet during work times, by:    


  • Doing our work quietly.
  • Talk to neighbors only during free times.
  • Raise hands for questions or help.
  • Stay on task as much as possible.


 C. To respect the rights and feeling of others, by:


  • Trying to be kind at all times
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Think before acting
  • Be quick to forgive
  • Talk it over
  • Help whenever you can


 D. To be thoughtful of others, by:


  • Walking quietly in the halls.
  • Behaving in the restrooms.
  • Thanking people who help us.



Discipline is a tool for teaching responsibility. The ultimate goal of discipline is self-discipline or self-control. Instead of thinking of discipline as punishment, discipline should be a positive way of helping and guiding children to achieve self-control.


I want our classroom to be encouraging and conducive to learning at all times. In this way, children develop positive attitudes and behavioral skills that are so necessary for successful lives.  Please review the class rules with your child weekly.




Information Related to Health

All notes regarding medications need to be addressed to the school nurse.  I am not permitted to administer any medications to your child.  If your child is sick in the morning, please let him/her rest at home, so as not to pass the illness to the other children. 




Changes in Your Child's Transportation

If your child is going home early or with another parent, you need to send a note notifying me of the change.  




Birthday Policy


The classroom Birthday Policy is when passing out invitations in the classroom, parents and students should choose one of the following options:       


  • All the girls in the class
  • All the boys in the class
  • All the girls and boys in the class                                                                                                                                     
  • All invitations that meet the above criteria will be passed out by classroom teacher.                                                                                              
  • If you are having a small birthday that does not meet the above criteria PLEASE DO NOT send invitations to school.
  • Birthday celebrations in class will only be held during 6th period
  • Cup cakes are recommended.