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School Dress Code

The SEEALL Academy is a Dress Code school required for grades Pre-K through 8th. Please make sure that your child wears the appropriate attire everyday.
Daily Dress Code
                       Boys                                                               Girls
Navy Blue or Khaki pants.                                             Navy Blue or Khaki skirt, jumper or pants.
Light Blue, White or Yellow collared shirt.                     Light Blue, White or Yellow collared shirt.
                          Warm weather Dress Code: Navy Blue Shorts are acceptable.
                                                                      Assembly Dress

                               Boys                                                              Girls
White collared shirt with red tie and navy       White collared shirt with red tie and navy blue 
blue pants.                                                       skirt, jumper or pants.
Our dress code policy does not accept jeans or jogging pants as part of the uniform attire. Children are to wear sneakers or black rubber soled shoes with socks for both safety and ability to participate in physical education class. No flip-flops or slippers permitted!!!  Please adhere to the dress code.