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First Grade Pasting

September 2018

Dear Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome your child to my first grade class. During this year, we will be using 
our Pasting Notebook everyday. Your child has been taught and shown how to use and maintain their pasting notebook. 
The pasting notebook is a book that contains most of the daily homework assignments and important school memos.  I feel
that it is necessary that you also know the routines and procedures of maintaining the pasting notebook.
  1. The pasting notebook is to be brought home, and then brought back to school every day
  2.  Please ask your child to see the pasting notebook every night.
  3. All completed worksheets are to be pasted into the pasting notebook. Completed homework worksheets should be pasted into the pasting notebook, upon completion, at home.
  4. Students will not be writing in the pasting notebook. The pasting notebook is for pasting (gluing) only.
  5.  Parents are asked to sign all homework assignments.
  6.  When the homework is written on the pages of the pasting book, the children are asked to find pictures (in magazines, newspapers or on-line) which are related to the assignment, and cut and paste (glue) the pictures onto the page.

In the example below, “ N n”  will be written on the top of the page. The children will complete the assignment by finding THREE (3) pictures that begin with the /n/ sound and paste them under the “N n” (your child learned the new sound that day in class).

                                                   “N n”


Thank you for helping your child adapt to the homework routines of first grade.