Who are we?

ASGSB-SEDS is a multi-university chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space.   We represent the student wing of the American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology.  What brings us together is our involvement with research in the fields of Gravitational and Space Biology. Our members attend various universities with active space life science research opportunities. 
Our current students attend these schools:
East Tennesee State University
Indiana State University
Indiana University
Miami University of Ohio
North Carolina State University
Ohio University
Purdue University
Rutgers University
University of California Los Angeles
University of California San Diego
University of California San Francisco
University of California Santa Cruz
University of Florida
University of Kentucky
University of Louisiana
University of Southern Maine
University of Southern California
Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Washington University
We hope that through our partnership with SEDS, our group can raise awareness of the needs of current and future student space researchers.  We plan to work together to improve access to funding for student space research opportunities with the end goal of significantly increasing the number and quality of student opportunities in the field.
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