ART AT SES 2013-14

5th through 7th grade is working on a Unity and Variety project based on Elizabeth Murray and Lea Anderson's work to display in the library. Here is a portion of the work.  Much more to come…….

School wide EYES ON OUR IMAGINATION project.  Each staff, faculty and student(parents are welcome to participate) are given a block of wood and asked to draw and paint etc.  their eyes.  The collection will be made into a wall sculpture and displayed publicly(site to be determined) 
First grade studies still life and primary colors.  The class was given a still life to draw and after drawing they were instructed to use a primary color palette to color.  Here are the results……

Second Grade studied the work of  MIRICO MACHIKO
and made pieces based on her work. We discussed watercolor technique with crayon resist and drew veggies and fruit with pencil then traced line with thick line of crayon and used watercolor to paint.

The Seventh and Eighth Grade add  a little geography to the playground.The 7th and 8th grade class has been busy.  Their task was to paint a map of the United States on each playground.  Enlarging an image of the United States and making paper templates of each state they then transferred to the upper and lower grade playgrounds.  Here the 8th grade has just painted the primer coat of the country on the blacktop.  Next the states will be added and in the spring the states will be created in plywood and painted so the map will double as a puzzle.  Map is in process but weather has hindered its completion

Maine Animals in their Natural HabitatThe First graders' are working on wild animals we would see in the Maine wilderness.  Here is Chase Grindal's snapping turtle ready to be transferred to wood, waterproofed and set out on the fitness trail in its natural habitat.
 Here are the artists and their creations in the woods

OUTSTANDING IN THEIR FIELDThe second graders are creating life-size images on wood to be installed on school grounds that show that they are and literally are 'outstanding in their field'  Below the Rylee's paper cut out with preliminary drawing to be perfected and painted onto the wood also seen in the photo.

Awaiting their outside home, 2nd grade resides on the gym wall

GRAVE STONES OF DEAD SCIENTISTSIn conjunction with the 3rd and 4th grade studying scientific research and those that made it happen we decided to make gravestones for dead scientists.  From preliminary drawings to finish. The following is the result.

Ms. Longley and the 3rd and 4th graders are studying the animal kingdom.  As a result we are making clothe mache birds to integrate the classroom learning into the art room.  Here are pics of the works in progress. 
the demo…..
the process!
Almost ready to clothe mache

Cutting paper for the under 6 set, a.k.a. scissors for kindergarten.

Making Luminaria to sell at the Craft Fair.  The kindergarten class has for the last few weeks worked on making stars and creating luminary   We all are shown here with a finished product.  This exercise introduced pattern making, scissor work and assembling a product.  Come to the craft fair and see the results.

The Kindergarten gets cool shades

Non-copier enlargements.  The 7th and 8th grade were given a photo and asked to grid it in 1/2 inch intervals on acetate then grid out a large paper with 2" intervals.  The idea was to transfer small image to larger using a grid. Some of the results are as follows.

Non-toxic etching.  The 7th grade made vibro-insects using lithium batteries and cellphone vibrator motors.  below the 'insect shells' are getting etched on copper.  Next week vibro-insect races!
WAMPUM:  America's first currency.First Grade is studying Native American culture and in art we are making wampum and discussing the concept of money/trade and ownership.
Here is the finished product.  Good work Guys!!!!!

5th and 6th grade have been learning to solder and have successfully completed first soldering test and practice session.  We are on to bristle bots and small motor machines.

When you are at the school, check out the bulletin board outside art room in upper grade hall for extra credit and above and beyond work.
We are starting an art club called the Creative Cafe every Wednesday after school till 5:00 for grades 5 through 8.  Permission slips are forthcoming.
Covers for the old school clocks,  Noten cutouts, Soldering technique and small motor projects, totem pole, 8th grade independent projects, Unity and Variety project using Elizabeth Murray and Lea Anderson's work as source.(see wicked cool links), Eyes: the window to our thoughts--a school wide project.
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