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EasyCrypt is a nifty little GUI front end for Truecrypt 4.3a on the Maemo platform. The original version by Steven Harper has been modified to look and behave like an N8x0 application.

Truecrypt allows you to create encrypted "volumes" that you can mount in your device. When the volume is mounted, it appears as a file folder to the operating system, into which you can store anything. The contents of the volume is encrypted, so when the volume is unmounted and the device is off, it will be near impossible to recover the contents of the volume without the encryption password. Even better, if you have encrypted volumes you built on your desktop containing, for example, a stash of mp3's or documents you want to use on the go, you can dump them to an encrypted volume on your desktop, then copy the volume file to your device and open them.

Truecrypt in command line mode is difficult to use on the N800 and so EasyCrypt is a nice graphical way to manage Truecrypt operation. It is far from complete or stable so please use with caution. Report all bugs and wishlist stuff to me and I'll do what I can. It is also not completely noobie-friendly yet and requires a little Linux and specific N8x0 platform knowledge to install properly.

So please read the



INSTALL.txt (updated 7 May 2008)

files before attempting to install and use this software! It might spare you headaches later!

Download here:

easycrypt-maemo- (updated 7 May 2008) 




*NOTE: This deb file contains both the EasyCrypt scripts and Truecrypt 4.3a (binary executable, kernel module and device mapper module. They are kernel-dependent and have been compiled with kernel version 2.6.21-omap1 (OS2008).

**You must have Python 2.5, Python GTK and e2fsprogs installed on your N8x0 or this will not work!

If you are unfamiliar with Truecrypt or encryption technology in general, please read up.


Steven Harper's original EasyCrypt is available for Ubuntu. Info about that is available at: