Participation Rules

  1. All actors must stay for curtain call at the end of each program. Exceptions will be made on an individual basis. (i.e.: young children, medical reasons) but not work related.
  2. No actor, director or playwright may vote for their own submission.
  3. Comp ticket: Actors only get one comp each.[However, all Equity actors get (2) comps as per AEA Guidelines] Directors and Playwrights get (1) comp per festival run; however, they may watch their own program as much as they would like but is not transferable to other programs. These policies are per run of the production.
  4. All actors must be in the house one/half hour prior to the house opening regardless of when they are performing in the program.
  5. All audience members must watch the entire program. Votes can only be cast after the completion of the program.
  6. All actors and shows must be available to perform in the finals on Jan. 28th. The finalists are not chosen until the evening of January 27th; however, a running total of program scores will be published frequently on our Facebook page. Please like us HERE.
  7. Audience votes are the primary way that shows are scored. All scores are a sum of the votes over the entire run.  In theory, all the finalists could be from one program as it is not a bracket/tournament system. During the finals, the scores will be wiped clean, giving everyone a fair chance to win. Should there be a tie among the finalist, a guest judge will cast the deciding vote.
  8. You must keep your stage set requirements light and portable  You must be able to clear the stage in a 2-3 minute window. We are unable to store large set pieces such as sofas and beds and advise you to be creative and use stage cubes [provided]
  9. Shows will be disqualified from that night’s scoring if rule 1 & 4 are not followed.
  10. If a show should not participate in a scheduled performance they will be disqualified for the competition.