Program D

Brando Sundae
John Michael Jalonen

Two actors share a late night snack and commiserate about the state of their careers while trying to keep their hopes alive by relating to the greatest actor of all time, Marlon Brando.

Bradley Hildebrandt

A young man travels to Atlanta with the intention to kill the boy who broke his heart. Along the way he meets people who may or may not have anything to do with his pure, poetic life. Isn’t that the way it always goes?

Electric Chapel
Rachel Kang

The world has dissolved into chaos. Around every corner, a new tragedy, a new headline. The unthinkable has happened. All gains and progress of the last several decades seem to be on the chopping block as the president elect prepares to swing
his axe. Welcome to 2016. Welcome to Brooklyn. Sam, a recent transplant, learns where bravery truly lies and starts on a path of self-discovery. With a little help from a seven-foot tall drag queen and some Mariah Carey – we find salvation lives on the dance floor.

Baby Blue
Steven Carinci

JULES, an MD in a NYC clinic, plots to “harvest” the 20/20-vision eyes of a terminally ill cancer patient for a 17-year-old blinded in a car accident. VERNE, also an MD, argues that it is a legally and morally reprehensible act despite agreeing their patient, a homeless man with no next of kin, and, who is not an organ donor, will probably die alone on the streets. KENNETH STUBBS believing his cancer is in remission delivers a scripture-laden monologue on how each man must accept his fate and how it is only God who makes such life altering decisions.   

The Return
Sean O’Leary

As they prepare to leave for dinner to celebrate the wife’s successful return to acting, a husband and wife discover that they have different dreams.  Acknowledging the gap that has been dormant for years, they are left with no other option than to be true to themselves.

Cat Call
Jeff Ronan

A catcalling incident escalates into all-out war when Emily, a recently fired server, reaches her breaking point. The situation quickly shifts into something much more complicated when a sudden realization forces both parties to reexamine their encounter and the choices that led to it.