Program C

Jon Sobel

Two strangers meet in a city park in the wake of an indeterminate natural disaster on the other side of the country, trying to get their brains around what's happened.

Prodigal Father

David Loughlin

Only what cannot be said is worth the saying… Norman Simowitz is a high-powered Advertising executive with a deep, dark secret.  On this night of nights, more than twenty years later, his daughter confronts him about it.


Two cosmic forces held together by the ever changing form of there relationship.

Four New Years In Japan
Steven Haworth

Ben must fulfill his mother's dying wish or she will curse him from beyond the grave. As distractions threaten his ability to oblige and the curse appears increasingly real his life unravels. How does a perpetual son become the father of himself when doing so threatens his destruction?

Breakfast Babble
Samuel Plotkin

A dysfunctional family has a conversation over breakfast on their son’s first day of college with vastly different perspectives on life.

Kain's Curse
Jonathon Ward

Officer Patrick Kain is in prison for shooting an unarmed teenager.  In his nightmare, Reverend Able Foreman is put in the cell with him, having been arrested for agitating a riot that followed the shooting.  They went to the same high school in a small town called Paradise. 

Peas in the Fried Rice
Larry Rinkel
Three co-workers are out for Chinese lunch, always the same place, the same day, the same time, the same food — except that one wants to try something new, but his picky co-worker hates green food and won't go anywhere that serves peas in the fried rice. All hell breaks loose when the owner of their regular eatery starts adding peas to the fried rice herself.