Program B

Millennial Discourse
David Loughlin

On a business trip to Philadelphia, commitment-phobe Emma has her values challenged when her cat-loving co-worker, and present lover, Anthony, asks her to marry him. A comedy about smart-phones and contemporary relationships.

Ami Shibasaki

Everybody likes food, but for Laura and David, it takes on a special meaning. This is that day, when they finally meet.

Suggested Donation
Duncan Pflaster

At intermission of a community theatre show, Bill decides to take the "Suggested Donation" for a glass of wine literally, hoping not to pay anything.

The Bench
Patrick Vermillion

Three benchwarming Quarterbacks get a chance to shine when a particularly mean Linebacker starts taking out their teammates one by one. With a chance to play and finally be the hero, each one of them sees a different meaning in the game at hand. But is it worth the horrible injuries they might sustain?

Seth Freeman

The last few guys to leave a class reunion are challenged by the striking way in which some things have changed.

Natalie Lifson

Richard, a WWII veteran in the 1940s struggling with survivor’s guilt, comes face to face with Henry, a WWI veteran who helps him come to terms with his experiences, in a Swiss café.

The News, The News, The Terrible News
Michael Perrie Jr.

A dark satire about the trials of Fake News. A story about a kind but gullible Southern family finds themselves the topics of an absurd news cycle.