Program A

Comfort Woman
Steve Gold

During World War II the Japanese kidnapped  thousands of Korean     women and forced them into prostitution.  This story concerns one of them.

72 Hour Energy

Laura B. Londagin

A pathetic soap opera addict gets some much needed advice from a TV spokesman.

Last Exit Before You're Off The Grid

Jason Lasky

What do people really need to survive: Food? Water? Cigars? How is it that there’s so much garbage in the world and no one taking responsibility for it? What's the strangest thing someone can encounter during his movements across The Grid, and whose baseball cap was burning when he saw it? Set on a patch of desert sometime in the future, a despondent drifter's encounter with an armed hermit woman in the trash will answer these questions and spark some new ones, too.

Louis DeVaughn Nelson

The Annals of Sharon is a collection of episodic theatre works centered around the antihero, Sharon, a bicoastal, fourty-something, polyamorous arts administrator navigating her way through a variety of ordeals involving a motley group of lovers.

The Hunchback of Marshall Avenue

Randy Gross

A lonely businessman encounters a misshapen man during his daily walks to the train station, and discovers the true meaning of beauty.

No One Should Ever Talk About Their Feelings

Two lovers having an epic fight while a blizzard, and it takes the realization that they share one extremely important common train to help them remember why they’re together in the first place.