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Feb 28 – Mar2, 1997   Siege of the Abbey X – Corpus Christi Abbey in Sandia, Texas

                                    Autocrat: Robin of Seawinds

                                    Feastocrat: Ly. Viviana O’Daugherty


                                    Awards Given

                                    Edmund Canute Fleming                       Award of Arms

Guiliana Irene Arentino             Sable Comet – Seawinds

                                    Octavia Aletssandra de Modici Award of Arms

                                    Timothy of Seawinds                            Award of Arms

                                    William Gerritsz Van Wije                     Award of Arms

                                    Byron Fraizer                                       Award of Arms


November 7-9 1997    Seawinds Defender II – Live Oak Park in Ingleside, Texas