ROTC and JROTC Recognition Programs


Thanks to the efforts of Don Wingerson, the Seattle Chapter recognized JROTC cadets at four high schools in May.  The following four JROTC Midshipmen (MIDN) students received the SAR Bronze JROTC Medal and certificate for 2009:


MIDN Cadet Angelika Santini, Everett High School

MIDN Cadet Pascal Warner, Burlington-Edison High School

MIDN Cadet Geraldo A. Villalobos, Mariner High School

MIDN Cadet Connar Zimmerman, Oak Harbor High School


The SAR awards the JROTC Medal to foster the principle of the “citizen” soldier.  Recipients are selected by their Commanding Officers for their leadership, military bearing and general excellence.  The award is in recognition of the Cadet's Leadership, Military Bearing, and Excellence of Character, Scholarship, and Citizenship.  Congratulations to all the winners!


Pictured to the right are MDIN Cadet Warner and Captain B H Bailey, USN, Ret, Senior Naval Science Instructor.



ROTC Awards go to Cadets and Midshipmen


 Seattle University.  Recipient of the Seattle Chapter ROTC award for 2009 at Seattle University went to Cadet Andrew Philip Ramos.  The award was presented by Seattle Chapter ROTC Chairman Don Wingerson, assisted by Seattle Chapter President Doug Nelson.  Pictured at the left are Compatriot Wingerson and Cadet Ramos.


University of Washington.  Seattle Chapter gave out four ROTC awards for 2009 at the University of Washington.  The awards were presented by Seattle Chapter ROTC Chairman Don Wingerson.  Recipients were:

  1. Cadet Cheng Zhong, Army
  2. Cadet Spencer Daniel Brenner, Air Force
  3. MIDN Todd Andrew Brenner, Navy
  4. MIDN Dante Ellis Larry, Marine

 Recipients are selected for a high degree of merit with respect to leadership qualities, military bearing and general excellence.  The recipients of the Silver ROTC Medal and Certificate are selected by the Commanding Officer of the ROTC unit.  A big well done to all four winners!