Seattle College Students (LOGIN Help)

Question: When can I login to my Canvas course in which I'm enrolled?

Answer: Just like an on campus class, online classes are not open until the first day of the quarter unless arranged differently by your instructor.

START/END DATES: Here's the Seattle College Academic Calendar,

GETTING STARTED: To acquaint yourself with Canvas in the meantime, please review Canvas' Student Guides,

CONTACT INSTRUCTOR: If you have more questions about your Canvas course please contact your instructor, 

- INSTRUCTIONS for desktop and mobile devices

Seattle College Student Username =
Student ID Number (SID) Ex:   925123456   (no hyphens or spaces)

South Seattle and Seattle Central College Canvas the initial Student Password = first eight (8) letters of last name*, all lower case, no punctuation or spaces. If your last name is shorter than eight letters, repeat the letters of your last name until you reach eight.

NOTE: Your last name will be whatever has been entered into the college registration system as your last name.

For example:
    1. Sam Waterston = watersto
    2. Jill Whit-Smith = whitsmit
    3. Mildred Sing Song = singsong
    4. Pete Quy = quyquyqu
    5. Lang Fa = fafafafa

*If your password was set before Winter Quarter 2017, your initial password will be the first six letters of your last name. If your account was created on or after Winter 2017, your initial password will be eight characters. If you changed your password after the start of Winter Quarter 2017, your password will be a minimum of eight characters.

  1. From your campus' Canvas login page, click the"Forgot password?" Link - this is located below the 'stay signed in' checkbox on the login page.
  2. Type in the required information (varies by campus) and click the "Request Password" button. 
  3. Canvas will immediately send you an email with information about resetting your Canvas password  to the email you have listed in your college admission records ONLY.  Please make sure this is up to date!

If you do not receive an email from Canvas, check your spam filter, then double-check which email account you have listed in your campus records. Update if necessary.

Enrolled in a Canvas-delivered course at more than one campus?

You may not be able to view the courses that you're taking at all of the Seattle Colleges if you're taking classes at more than one campus.

In order to generate a unified view in Canvas of all of your classes across the District, you may need to request that your accounts on the various campuses be merged. Contact the eLearning staff at one of your campuses for assistance. 

IMPORTANT: For "how to use Canvas" questions (examples: "how to use the discussion forum" or "how to submit an assignment", "see my grades", etc.) please always start with the Canvas Student Guides for help and/or contact your instructor for assistance.

If the instructions listed above aren't what you need and you still need help, please email your campus Canvas support person and include your full name, Student ID Number (SID), course name and item number and what you're experiencing in your email

We will do our best to assist you and your teacher within one business day of your emailed request.

Central Campus Canvas support/help, email Mickey at

South Campus Canvas support/help, email Sara at

Seattle Central College - Canvas Login

South Seattle College's Canvas Login

Smart phones and Tablets have a slightly different looking Canvas login page.  

You *may* see different instructions on your mobile device - ignore these instructions - use the same login instructions as listed on this page (to the left) to access Canvas from your smart phone or tablet.