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Resources for Understanding the Physical Sciences
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The American Chemical Society    JOIN NOW!


Chemistry Hypermedia Project    AUS-e-TUTE    Chemogenesis                          

Visualization and Problem Solving   Crash Course    CHEMGUIDE   

Wiki-Chem at UC Davis
    Tyler DeWitt        UNC-CH-CHEM      

Practice Tests from the  Chemistry Olympiad (including keys)

Quantum Physics & Chemistry

Orbitals    Electron Configurations    Orbitron   

Emission Spectra I     Emission Spectra II        Quantum Made Simple


UW Atmospheric Weather & Climate Data

Physical Reference Data

NIST    Fundamental Physical Constants


Hyperphysics    Physics 2000    SLAC   Waves 1    Waves 2    

Guitar Physics    Open Source Physics from Down Under   

Selection of Overtones on a Guitar    Acoustic Levitation of Water

Want to build your own lab? 

United Nuclear


Cubic Equation Solver   
Quadratic Equation Solver    Nutrient Data   

Humor 1    Humor 2     Music    Bragg Equation   


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