Accnt 201 8/17 Update:  Final 8/18 Thurs Computer lab 3174


Please go directly to Room 3174 for the final in the computer lab tomorrow, Thursday 8/18.

If you haven't submitted your Quickbooks cancellation notice yet, be sure you cancel... and then print out the report and turn it in at the beginning of class at the final.

 The final will be entirely in Cengagenow.  "Review" exercises for every chapter have been provided for you to review for the final in Cengagenow.    All the exercises in the final will be taken from those provided in the "Review for Final..." exercises.  These 'Review" exercises are voluntary and not required.    Mutliple Choice and True and False are similar to those provided in HW and Quizes and will be testing your knowledge of accounting principles and vocabulary. 

 Be sure to finish all the Cengagenow HW and Qz's to get the maximum score.

If you are doing the extra credit project, submit it at the beginning of class.

It's been a pleasure having you for students this summer quarter!  See you tomorrow.


Accnt 201  8/13 Update:  Revised last week


Being sick last Tuesday resulted in essentially loosing half a week of class time! Consequently, we will finish review of Chapter 8 and review calculation of Bad Debts Expense (Ch 9) and review for the final all on Tuesday 8/16. We will not have a midterm on chapters 6, 7 & 8. Our final will be comprehensive but have an emphasis on chapter's 6, 7, 8 and the first section of Chapter 9 ( Through page # 408 - Percent Sales Method of estimating Bad Debt Expense).


I have added "Review for Final... " practice exercises, TF and MC for Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 to Cengagenow.  All questions on the final will be taken from these practice assignments.  You are not required to do any of these 'Review' assignments.  They are provided for practice and study for the final.  If you can do all the exercises provided here you will do great on the final.

The final will be in computer lab in Cengagenow.  There will be no "check my work" on the final.  If Cengagenow allows it I will allow you to see your score, which problems you had errors on and also the solution. 


Be sure to finish all Cengagenow HW and Quizzes! 

I Had to cancel Tuesday class due to illness.  


Accnt 201 8/10 Update: Midterm moved due to instructor illness


Check Cengagenow for Ch 7 Quiz.  We will finish review of Ch 7 in class on Thursday 8/11. 

Read Ch 8: Internal controls and cash.  We will be do accounting for Petty cash and doing  bank reconciliations.  HW and quiz have been posted Cengagenow. 


Accnt 201 8/6 update:  Cancel Qbooks project!


  Be sure to cancel quickbooks.  Attached are the instructions.  They will start charging $27 per month if you don't cancel!

Catch up on Chapter 7: Inventory! We will finish covering Ch 7 on Tuesday and proceeding with Ch 8.

Extra Credit project due on day of final is attached.  


7/29/11 Accnt 201 update

Sullivan Realty June Transactions Attached!  (Previous file was missing several pages due to a scanning error.)  This is all 16 transactions plus adjusting entries. 


Thursday we began our study of Merchandising companies:  Ch 6.  Please read and start Cengagenow homework.  We will be moving fast and proceeding to Ch 7: Inventory by next Thursday.

Update 7/26:  All Sullivan Realty - Quickbooks assignments and 'how to' pdf have been uploaded.

Today:  complete chapter 4 on the closing process.  Review Chapters 1 - 4 and get ready for the midterm on thursday. 

Assignment:  Read Chapter 6: Merchandising Business



Update 7/21 - Quickbooks assignment is uploaded.


Accnt 201 Update 7/16

Attached is a summary of your attendance, in class quiz scores and your average in Cengagenow Quizzes.  Please review to verify I have recorded your scores properly.  Bring any exercise to class you have a different score than I have posted.  Remember, you are dropping your lowest 3 in class quiz scores and the lowest Cengagenow quiz.


See attached updated class schedule which includes scheduling our Midterm #1.


Last Thursday we continued with Ch 3 Adjusting entries and introduced the 'worksheet' as a tool for getting from the 'Trial Balance' to the 'Adjusted Trial Balance'.   We practiced doing the first five steps of the accounting cylce using the "Advice by Sal" accounting exercise.  Hang on the the Advice by Sal exercise:  We will use it in Chapter 4: The Closing process.


After lecture we went to computer lab where you all did the Excel Quiz. 


This next week is 'Week 4' of the quarter.   We will complete Ch 3 'Adjusting Entries".  On Thursday we will introduce Chapter 4 and also our Quickbooks accounting project.  You will need your credit or debit card to register for the Quickbooks accounting project even though there is no cost or charge to you.


Week 5 on Thursday at computer lab we will have our first Midterm covering Chapter 1-4.  You will take this exam in computer lab on Cengagenow: closed book no notes.  Do your homework and quizzes assigned in Cengagenow.


Note:  We discussed in class last Tuesday how to document questions you have regarding problems incurred in Cengagenow.  That process involved "Print Screening" the screen with the problem, pasting it to a Word document, typing an explanation of your problem, printing it and bringing it to class.  That enables me to see the context of your issue, share it with the class and hopefully resolve it.


End 7/16 update



Accnt 201 Udate 7/12 –

Quiz “Ch 2 Z Quiz Exercises” has been changed to allow you 3 ‘takes’.  The highest score of the 3 takes will be saved for the quiz.  It is due by Friday Evening 7/15.

 Excel "Practice Quiz" Thursday.  Practice up!

Today we finished our review of Ch 2:   Introduced the general journal and general ledger;  analyzed transactions, journalizing and posting to general ledger accounts, preparing the trial balance from ledger account balances and preparing financial statements. 

We did the following exercises in class,:

1.     03 5 Step Trans Analysis Lecture.docx

2.     04 Ex4.4 Compound JE  Handout xxx.xlsx (Handed out Due on Thursday)

3.     03 ex3.6 t accnts to Trial bal Lecture List.xlsx.  We did financials from the trial balance of Timeless Restorations.

4.     King Services exercise for journalizing and posting transactions.

Attached is the course schedule.  We are right on schedule! 

Thursday we will start Chapter 3:  Adjustments.  Start studying the chapter.

Accnt 201 Update 7/8: Cengagenow due dates moved

Thursday we reviewed the Chapter 2 process of analyzing transactions in the T account double entry method.  We completed a month’s transactions, calculated the balances of each account and preparing a ‘Trial Balance’.  From there we did financial statements. 

The Cengagenow assignments and Quiz have been moved a couple days farther out so we can review chapter two and practice some Cengagenow exercises before you do the quiz in Cengagenow which is now due Wednesday evening.


Thursday we reviewed the Excel practice exercise.  We went to computer lab where most students were successful in doing the excel exercise, printing it and handing it in.  There is no points assigned, just practice.  We will have an Excel quiz doing the same assignment with different numbers next Thursday.  This exercise is in this class web page under 'Excel Practice and Tips'.


I had a number of students who had difficulty doing the Cengagenow exercise 1-20 which involved using the accounting equation to calculate various unknowns.  I agree it ws a challenging problem.  I prepared an excel solution for a couple of the comp”anies and explained how the solutions were calculated.  See the attached “01 Cengage Ex 1-20 Calc w Acnt Equation” excel file.

7/2/11  Accnt 201 Update Assignments Due

Thursday 6/30 we continued review of Ch1.  We did exercise 02 Ex2-3 as a 10 point quiz in class and handed out Ex 02 Ex2.5 as a handwritten assignment due at the beginning of class next Tuesday.  If you weren’t at class print out the attached 02 Ex2.5 and complete it for grading on Tuesday.


The quiz in Cengagenow for chapter 1 has been posted and is not due until Wednesdaty 7/6.  We will be completing Ch 1 review of transaction analysis and creating financial statements on Tuesday.  Thereafter we will proceed with Chapter 2.


Additional “Cengage Now Practice” for exercise type problems has been posted to Cengagenow.  Some of the exercises in the Ch 01 QZ were not covered in the HW and therefore are posted in the ‘Practice’ exercises.


Everyone should be registered in V23 of Cengagenow.  If you aren’t please email me.  Several students ended up registered in V24.  That’s OK. We will be using it as soon as the publisher finishes it. Until then all assignments will be posted to V23.  

6/29/11 Accnt 201 Update / Welcome / Assignment

Welcome Students! 

  Last evening was a good start.  After introducing myself, our class and some ideas and tools for success utilizing an education with an accounting emphasis we reviewed the syllabus.  The syllabus goes into all details required in the course.  Please read thoroughly.  I demonstrated  going online and following the syllabus instructions for registering in the Cengagenow.com homework manager web site.  Thereafter I went into the Ch 09 HW Practice assignment and demonstrated how Cengagenow works.  It’s great.  Homework gives you two attempts to get credit for the exercise and then shows you the correct answer if you didn’t get it right. 


Welcome to Accounting 201 - Summer 2011!

The syllabus and course schedule are attached.  In the left column click on "Syllabus & M.A.L." and they will be available.

Instructions for registering in Cengagenow (the on-line homework web site) are in the syllabus. 

See you in class at 5:45 Tuesday 6/28.


Tom Harmer