English 101 - Winter 2015

Dudes and Ladies!

Have a great Spring Break.

It was a pleasure having all-you in class.


Hello 101 students! Good luck on your final assignment in this class and on your other classes' finals. 

Don't forget to tell your friends about Stacey's Spring Quarter class--English 095-096  at 11 a.m. daily. This is a 10-credit English class, item number 0644.  English 095-096 helps students with sentence and paragraph writing skills, and can be used to prep for 101.  More students are still needed!

Class assignment for English 101 DUE Thursday, March 20 @ noon

Step #1:

Re-read Brent Staples’ “Just Walk on by: Black Men and Public Space.” 

Step #2:

Here are some vocab words from Staples’ essay.



quarry/errant/avid/taut/warrenlike or warren



Create an original (of your own writing/construction) sentence for each of the 11 vocabulary words above. Your sentences must demonstrate that you understand how to use the vocab word's primary meaning. EACH SENTENCE MUST BE “ABOUT” BROADWAY AVE. EAST OR THE SURROUNDING NEIGHBORHOOD. That is, some part of the sentence should be connected to the Broadway Ave E. area.  You may describe other things in the sentence, too—people, cars, etc. The scenarios in your sentences may be "made up" or not realistic.

Step #2 DUE Friday, March 20 by noon via email to instructor.


MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2015:
Hello 101 students!  Do put in the extra hour, two, or three to really make your final essay excellent at all levels.
The structural level (thesis idea and carrying it through 'till the end) and sentence level (grammar, conciseness, punctuation) are both important. Can 
you put in the extra time to double-check all the requirements, proofread, and create an assignment that you'll be proud of?  That is my challenge to all of you. 
Please note all late essays will be docked 10 points for the first day, 20 thereafter.  No essays accepted after Thursday.  Good luck!  Deadline: NOON TUESDAY

On Wednesday, please check this page for vocabulary assignment. 

MARCH 13, 2015:  
Good morning English 101 students! 
I have received most students' Friday homework assignments. For those who do not submit by noon, I will be emailing you.
I am currently sending individual email notes regarding everyone's final essay drafts. If you haven't received this feedback yet, you will soon!
There is no weekend assignment other than to continue working on your excellent final essays due TUESDAY, March 17, by noon via email. Please
also note that students have the option to fully revise Essay #1 (the essay about education) for extra credit. This is also due Tuesday by noon.
Have a good weekend!

*On Wednesday, March 11, 101 students must print and turn in paragraphs 1-4 (at a minimum) of the final essay. Print this out and turn in to instructor in class. No late drafts accepted. Class journal is also due on 3/11.

*Students have a two-question assignment DUE by FRIDAY, MARCH 13 at midnight. This will be a Reflection Response about your process of writing the final essay.

Reflection Response – No minimum length, but answer each question thoroughly and completely:

1.         What would you like to see yourself do better in the final essay assignment than you have done in previous papers? For example: verb errors, capitalization, strong thesis statement, etc. How can you

                      go about achieving this goal?

2.            Discus a bit about your initial research. What did you learn from reading around your topic that you did not previously know?

* Final essay and any extra credit work are due on Tuesday, March 17 by noon. These must be emailed as attachments. If you do the extra credit, you must scan your previous essay and send to the instructor along with the new version, OR turn in the printed version by the end of Wednesday, March 11. 

 Please watch this site for updates and new assignments as part of required coursework from March 12-20, 2015.  You will find a new assignment posted on this site on Thursday, March 12, 2015.
Stay tuned!

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