Message from the Service-Learning Program


Our mission at Seattle Central College is to promote educational excellence in a multicultural urban environment.  We provide opportunities for academic achievement, workplace preparation and service to the community.


Service-learning creates an unparalleled opportunity to explore and realize a high standard of academic achievement, intercultural empathy, and lifelong social action. By extending learning from the classroom to the community, students cultivate sustainable partnerships in their community that nurture civic responsibility and impact social issues.


Service-learning is an opportunity for students to earn academic credit while serving their community and reflecting on the experience. Students who participate in service-learning work cooperatively with faculty and social service agencies to learn about issues in our community while acting to address them.  Through service-learning and reflection, students can develop important skills to empower themselves and others to positively impact the community.


If, after navigating the website, you have questions, don't hesitate to contact me.


Patti Gorman, MSW

Service-Learning Coordinator

Seattle Central College

Phone: (206) 934-6997


Registration is by permission of the Service-Learning Coordinator only and occurs during the first few weeks of the quarter.