Welcome to the Political Science departmental homepage.  The purposes of this page and its links are threefold: first, to provide interested students information on what is generally offered in this department; second, to present students currently enrolled in Political Science classes a platform for receiving information such as the syllabus, PowerPoints, links to videos and key course dates; third, to allow anyone curious a portal into what is going on in Political Science courses at SCCC for general information.  So, peruse this departmental page to find a course that meets your needs, to get the information that helps you as a student, or for your general information.  Enjoy.

About the Department

The Political Science department includes International Relations here at SCCC.  This entire department is made up of two full time professors and as many as three part timers. The professors together teach generally 8-10 offerings fall through spring, and 2 - 3 offerings during the summer.  The full time professor teaching mainly the American courses is Carl Livingston; while Dr. Jawed Zouari is the full timer teaching the International Relations courses.