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Possible questions for in-class essay on Thursday 3/10

posted Mar 9, 2011, 11:22 AM by Kennan Knudson

1) Identify the "medium" and the "message" in the Daily Show. Contrast it with a more typical news program -- what is their "medium" and "message."
2) If McLuhan says that the content of the medium is not important, why is it that the content for the Daily Show seems to inspire more critical thinking than an average major network news show?
3) According to McLuhan, TV makes you observe, relax, and take everything in, so it shouldn't matter whether you are watching the NewsHour or the Daily Show -- the content doesn't matter as much as the sitting down and relaxing. However, viewers of the Daily Show are more knowledgeable about current events than the viewers of major network news, according to "What the Mainstream Media Can Learn from Jon Stewart." How can this be?

Possible questions for the in-class essay on Monday

posted Feb 4, 2011, 1:07 PM by Kennan Knudson

Although both Obama and Palin are in some ways responding to the same situation (i.e., the fact that the shooting in Tucson occurred), their specific reasons for giving their speeches are very different. What are those reasons and how do they indicate an audience for each speech?


Compare the tone of the two speeches given by Obama and Palin. How did they create a tone for their speech, and why do you think they chose that tone?


How do the emotions conveyed by Obama and Palin serve the purpose of their speeches?


How do religious references contribute to the purpose of each speech?

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