Instructional Assessment Committee, CCCChairing A Program Review (PRC)

*The PRC Chair oversees the entire committee, the Review Chair oversees the particular review.
  1. Generally the PRC Chair contacts the program dean and all faculty 1 to 2 quarters before the due date for review materials informing them that their program is up for review and that you will be their contact person.
  2. If necessary, set a date for an informational meeting. The dean and faculty should attend this meeting. Print out the program review instructions and copy for those attending the meeting.

  3. At the meeting, highlight the program review instructions on the PRC Web site and let them know all pertinent dates. Be sure the program understands that all information is due three weeks before the review meeting. Required information includes 3 hard copies and electronic copies of:
    • Course outlines and sample syllabi. Ask programs to organize the outlines and syllabi together according to course number in ascending order. (Outlines for courses with common course numbers are available in the district document center; request others from Mark Baumann)
    • A completed course outline table
    • Program Analysis and Viability Study (updated as appropriate; submit to review chair)
    • Program Web pages, if any (committee will view online)
    • Current Program Map and the Program Outcomes Assessment Report
  4. If your team has fewer than three members, you should seek ad hoc members from appropriate divisions. Talk to the PRC chair for details.
  5. Circulate the hard copies of the program information to the program review team before the review and make sure each member understands the review rubric.
  6. Set a deadline by which committee members need to submit their comments/rubric to you.
  7. Organize the comments into sections such as “Comments,” “Questions,” and “Suggestions.”
  8. Run the meeting the day of the oral review. The PRC chair will take minutes. If absent, assign a committee member to take minutes for you.
  9. Within two weeks of the review, draft a preliminary report using the Final Report template based on the committee's comments and the program's response (1-3 pages is sufficient). Send this report to the program, the review committee and the Vice President for Instruction. When there are additional questions from the Vice President of Instruction or the committee request a response from the program with any clarifications.Give a due date for the response.
  10. Incorporate any changes and responses into the final report and send to the PRC Chair who will forward on to the Vice President of Instruction and store on the PRC website.This report should be completed within the same quarter of the review. For reviews that are scheduled late in the quarter, reports may be submitted within the first 3 weeks of the following quarter.