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Newly Added Resources for Planning and Teaching Integrative Courses

Pre-Planning Guiding Questions

Creating Shared Assignments
Faculty Debrief

Learning Communities Research and Practice, Vol 1 [2013], Iss. 2, Art 5
Articles and Readings

A Statement on Integrative Learning
American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), 2004.

A New Era in Learning Community Work: Why the Pedagogy of Intentional Integration Matters
Emily Lardner and Gillies Malnarich, Change Magazine, 2008.

College Learning for the New Global Century
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A Good Start: Two-Year Effects of a Freshmen Learning Community Program at Kingsborough Community College
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When Faculty Assess Integrative Learning: Faculty Inquiry to Improve Learning Community Practice
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Selected Results: Enriching High-Impact Experiences -- Learning Communities
National Survey of Student Engagement, 2007 Annual Report

Sustaining Learning Communities: Moving from Curriculuar to Educational Reform
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High-Impact Practices: Applying the Learning Outcomes Literature to the Development of Successful Campus Programs
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Promoting Partnerships for Student Success: Lessons from the SSPIRE Initiative (Executive Summary)
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Learning Better Together: The Impact of Learning Communities on the Persistence of Low-Income Students
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Course Approval Committee, CCC

Organizations and Examples

Washington State Board For Community and Technical Colleges
How to write integrated learning outcomes - comprehensive and integrated learning outcomes establish the foundation and direction for all I-BEST.

The Outcomes Primer: Reconstructing the College Curriculum
by Ruth Stiehl is a great "how to" booklet that outlines the philosophy and process of writing quality program and course learning outcomes. 

Washington Center
National Project on Assessing Learning - Integrative Assignment examples.

Project Zero                                                Project Zero's mission is to understand and enhance learning, thinking, and creativity in the arts, as well as in humanistic and scientific disciplines, at individual and institutional levels.

Workshop Recordings

Strengthening Integrative Assignments              Tegrity recording of Lynn Dunlap on 1/26/12 (Part one) (Part two)