Resources (CAC)

Curriculum Policy details

  1. Help with Prerequisites
    --Formatting them
    --Selecting them
    Resource information to assist you in determining English course prerequisites for your course

  2. Examples of Program Boilerplates (Templates)

  3. Examples of Course Outlines

  4. Hybrid, Online, Video Modes of Delivery: Directions for Requesting Approval 
  5. Examples of Hybrid and Online Support Statement
  6. Guidelines for Writing Mission & Values Support Statement

Special Designations

Special designations may be requested for courses that meet criteria developed by interested faculty from across the district and refined locally for Seattle Central.

These designations meet requirements for students seeking an AA degree.

Courses may be considered for up to two designations; however, the content related to the designation must be a significant and substantial part of the course.

Many courses have only one designation although they address some outcomes for other designations as well. 

The following designations, or tags, may be requested:

In addition, guidelines were developed to describe courses that cover Information Literacy/Technology Literacy, although the current AA degree does not have special course designations for Information Literacy/Technology.

There is currently no textbox in the Automated Course Approval System form in which to place your support statements for special designations.  Until a textbox becomes available, please input your support statement(s) (explain how the course meets the criteria) for each special designation request within the course student learning outcomes section of the College Supplemental. After the listing of your course student learning outcomes, place a header with the name of the course special designation (tag) and then place your support statements under the heading.