Learning Communities Committee (LCC)
"The strongest learning community programs are designed as systematic intervention strategies aimed at improving the persistence and academic achievement of
students in particular courses, programs, or pathways."

The Learning Communities Committee (LCC) is a standing committee that serves at the request of the Vice President for Instruction.

Composed of faculty, staff, and administration, this committee encourages and fosters learning communities’ development and participation in planning and maintenance of academic standards, primarily through quarterly meetings to review applications for new and revised learning communities composed of Coordinated Studies courses, linked courses, and integrated course assignments and experiences.

The LCC reviews new and revised learning communities' submitted by faculty as well as the approval of the IS (Integrated Studies) tag for stand alone courses. The committee considers compliance with college standards, accreditation standards, and alignment with the college mission, values, and learning outcomes. All new and revised learning communities must be reviewed and signed by the LCC prior to instruction. The LCC maintains and facilitates documents related to the learning communities’ review and support process.


"What do I need to know when submitting a learning communities' proposal?"

 Timing and Deadlines

In general, learning communities must be proposed at least two (2) years before being offered to allow time for any necessary revisions and to meet the publication deadline for the quarterly schedule, exceptions will be made as time allows and at the discretion of the chair with approval from the committee.

The committee’s learning communities review deadline typically falls in the third or fourth week of the quarter.

Committee members review proposals received by that deadline and discuss them at a review meeting usually scheduled about two weeks later. Proposing faculty are invited to attend the meeting.

After the meeting, the LCC chair notifies the proposing faculty of the committee’s conclusions and provides a summary of recommendations, if any. 
The committee will review late proposals as time allows and at the discretion of the chair with approval from the committee.

Documentation and Notification

Approved learning communities are routed as follows:

  • Electronic Copy: Saved with LCC Files
  • Notify: Proposing faculty, appropriate administrator, committee members
Integration Outcomes

1.  Identify the strengths and limitations of different fields of study or different ways of knowing.

2.  Explain and Evaluate the relationships among different perspectives within a fields of study, among different fields of study, and or different lived experiences.

3.  Integrate concepts and analytical frameworks from multiple perspectives to develop one or more of the following:

·         more comprehensive descriptions,

·         multi-causal explanations,

·          new interpretations, or

·          deeper explorations of issues.

4.  Analyze and Reflect upon insights gained from integrating multiple perspectives in a purposeful project or experience

Learning Communities Committee Goals

  1. Administration – Develop and implement a plan that sustains and documents learning communities.
  2. Promotion – Promote the values and pedagogues of diverse learning communities.
  3. Creation – Strengthen and support the creation of successful learning communities and the creative processes done within them.
  4. Evaluation – Evaluate learning communities in relationship to the mission and values of the college.