Membership (LCC)



The LCC chair is appointed by the Vice President. The chair receives one third (1/3) release time or other arrangements as agreed upon to carry out LCC responsibilities. The chair serves a three-year term.


LCC members serve a three-year term. Representation includes at least:

  • Public Information – one
  • Planning and Research – one
  • Admission & Registration – one
  • Student Leadership (Student Ambassador) - one
  • Humanities/Social Sciences – one from each
  • Science and Math – one from each
  • Work-Force Education - one
  • Library – one
  • Business, Information Technologies, and Creative Arts – one
  • Basic Studies – one each from ABE and ESL
  • Health and Human Services – one
  • Counselors – one
  • Advising - one


  • Establishes meeting schedule, develop agenda items, and conduct meetings
  • Ensures the development and acceptance of short-range objectives and long-range goals for the committee
  • Makes provisions for recording and distributing minutes for each meeting
  • Facilitates learning communities establishment by maintaining forms, assisting faculty proposing Coordinated Studies, Linked courses, and integrated course assignments, conveying information between committee members and proposing faculty, and ensuring that learning communities information is routed as required
  • Informs faculty and administrators of the LCC process and provides training or guidance as needed; informs the Vice President for Instruction of policies recommended by the LCC
  • Maintains or delegates responsibility for maintaining a LCC Web site, including schedule, forms, instructions, and other information
  • Maintains a records of LCC activities, including learning communities evaluated, policies and procedures, and other activities
  • Provides an annual review of committee activities to the Vice President for Instruction
  • Serves on the Curriculum Coordinating Council
  • Works closely with the other curriculum committee chairs


  • Attend all meetings
  • Review all learning communities submitted to the committee and provide feedback
  • Take on projects that facilitate LCC goals and operation




A quorum consists of 50% (rounded up) plus one of the current LCC membership

Actions Requiring a Vote

The following actions by LC require approval by a simple majority of the quorum:

  • Approving a leaning communities application
  • Establishing a LCC policy

E-mail Discussion

In the interest of expediency, some decisions can be made by e-mail. In this case, at least 50% plus one member must respond to the e-mail vote. For example:

  • Minor changes to proposals submitted to the committee
  • Issues discussed at a meeting that required additional information before a vote
Course Approval Committee, CCC 
Interested in joining the committee? Contact the LCC chair.

Roster 2018-2019

LCC Chair

Greg Hinckley

Student Life Sam Chesneau
Humanities and Social Sciences
Melanie King

Allied Health

Social & Human Services
Business, Information Technology and Creative Art

Science & Math Chris Denzler

Instructional Resource Services (Library)  Sharon Spence-Wilcox
Basic and Transitional Studies Claire Makins-IBEST
 Work-Force Education 
 RegistrationRebecca Shropshire