What are Gifted and Talented (G&T) pupils doing at Seathorne?

These web pages will hopefully give you some idea of the range of activities Seathorne offers to its G&T pupils. 

Currently G&T pupils are selected under the following categories:

Arts: Creative

Arts: Performing


Modern Foreign Languages


(STEM) Science Technology Engineering & Maths

Cool Aeronautics STEM Day at RAF Cranwell

On Tuesday 14th November 2016 Seathorne G&T STEM groups from Years 5 and 6 joined Flight Sergeant Morton at RAF Cranwell for a day of truly 'Cool Aeronautics'.

Our pupils had talks from real RAF heroes, who recounted their adventures in pilot training (Phil) and aircraft emergencies ('Disco') and FS Morton recounted other stories of heroism in the RAF, much of which centred on Cranwell itself; such as the development of the first Jet Engine.

Our pupils then were given the opportunity to develop their own glider, using the physics of aeronautics to adjust the lift and drag of their gliders to alter its flight properties.  Pupils then tested out their gliders in a series of test flights. 

The afternoon events focused on the physics  of radio, with an excellent physics talk by FS Morton. This was followed by our STEM pupils taking on the challenge of building their own FM radio sets and then tuning them to available broadcasts. 

We finished our cool day with a chance to purchase some souvenirs from the RAF gift shop.

Seathorne would like to take the opportunity to thank FS Morton and his team for making this such a fantastic day.

But the work did not stop there. Our pupils continued their work on these topics during a series of interventions, concluding with a multimedia presentation to all our KS2 pupils.