WHS Drivers' Ed Program

                            *Review Prior to Signing Up*                      

Driver Education PPT


CURRENT Session:
October 2017

You should have received an email on 9.25.17 if you have signed up for this session.  
We took the first 26 students that have signed up, in the order, they have signed up.
If you have any questions about registration please contact Kelly Kalinowsky 697-9520

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                    *Next Session Winter/Spring 2017*             
Waitlisted students will be contacted when we begin planning for this session. 

  1. You must be available, at a minimum, Monday-Friday 3-6pm.  If you have other obligations, this may not be the Driver Education Program for you.
  2. Weekend behind-the-wheel times will not be offered unless the instructor chooses.  If you require weekend driving times, this may not be the Driver Education Program for you.
  3. 100% attendance is mandatory.  No exceptions will be made.  100% attendance includes coming to class on time.  If you no call, no show, for either the behind-the-wheel or classroom portions of this Driver Education Program - you will be REMOVED from the session.
  4. There is no guarantee when you will complete this Driver Education Program.  If you have obligations that require you to have this program completed within 6 months, this may not be the Driver Education Program for you.

You will be contacted by email if you have been signed up for this classroom session.
  • Students MUST have a permit to be enrolled in the Driver's Education Program. If you have your permit but did not provide it on the form when you signed up please sign up again and provide your permit number.

                            Please contact our Driver's Education Coordinator if you have any questions/concerns.                    `