When was the last time you felt really excited about a complete transformation? 

Google along with Searce brings you a great opportunity to do so with Google Day @ Google, Mumbai, an Exclusive Business Transformation event for Senior Executives like yourself on September 18th, 2014

Google Day with Google
On September 1
8th, 2014, Google & Searce shall speak to industry leaders, tech enthusiasts and game changers like you.

Google's experts shall conduct a session on business transformation and how over 5 million businesses have benefited around the globe. You shall see what it means to work the way you live. You shall see a demonstration of Google Apps for Business in action. 

Join Us!
Join Google in this journey to transformation. Listen to stories about the hundreds of customers who have embraced Google Apps in India.

Network with industry chieftains and opinion leaders. Share your views, build opinions. 

We have seen an overwhelming response to this exclusive, by invitation only event every time. Don't miss out! Register by filling the form alongside.

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