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  Co-Packer Connection®

How many suppliers do you know that actually works hard to grow your business?  Well Sealed Air does and we do it with our market exclusive Co-Packer Connection®.  This real-time database plays match-maker for the 3PL and 
co-pack segment and incoming CPG market requests.  And we do it in minutes, instead of days or weeks.  Each facet of Co-Packer Connection® is designed to support you, your clients and provide "speed to market" solutions.

Some facts about the Co-Packer Connection® program:

  • CPC is the only real-time connection service in the industry and it’s completely free to the 3PL / co-packer.
  • Over 1,300 locations have been identified and will now have a better opportunity to land new business.
  • CPC is completely secure and encrypted, so your information remains sheltered and secure.


  • Save on shipping costs
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Provide true "Speed to Market" performance
  • Ultimate product protection
Sealed Air offers several NEW Shanklin® Shrink Systems and four exciting E-Commerce solutions, featuring void reduction & high speed "ready to ship" solutions.

Sealed Air is "Out Boxing" the Competition!
Sealed Air Product Care has entered a strategic partnership with Box on Demand, the leading provider of 3-dimensional equipment platforms & fanfold corrugated for on-demand, right-sized box creation.

Contact Co-Packer Connection for a Box on Demand assessment today!

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that will match your company with future CPG inquiries!