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  Co-Packer Connection®

How many suppliers do you know that actually works hard to grow your business?  Well Sealed Air does and we do it with our market exclusive Co-Packer Connection®.  This real-time database plays match-maker for the 3PL and 
co-pack segment and incoming CPG market requests.  And we do it in minutes, instead of days or weeks.  Each facet of Co-Packer Connection® is designed to support you, your clients and provide "speed to market" solutions.

Some facts about the Co-Packer Connection® program:

  • CPC is the only real-time connection service in the industry and it’s completely free to the 3PL / co-packer.
  • Over 1,300 locations have been identified and will now have a better opportunity to land new business.
  • CPC is completely secure and encrypted, so your information remains sheltered and secure.


  • Save on shipping costs
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Provide true "Speed to Market" performance
  • Ultimate product protection
Sealed Air offers several NEW Shanklin® Shrink Systems and four exciting E-Commerce solutions, featuring void reduction & high speed "ready to ship" solutions.

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Our FlowrapTM Mailer System provides 
ready to ship solutions for apparel 
and soft goods. 

ENROLL NOW and benefit from our free, real time connection program 
that will match your company with future CPG inquiries!