The Sovereign Earth Alliance is a manifestum compilation of astute variation of agreement created by the Mind of Universal Peace beheld via the Science of Right Reason. Such Mind’s Eye is dedicated to action predicated upon the duty that All Walks of Life owe to one another via their just stewardship of the self-evident principles each are equally endowed as unalienable rights and entitlements, to which the Law’s of Nature and Nature’s (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason have entitled them.

Since, Man or Woman after Man's own-kind kind being endowed with certain unalienable absolute rights to life, liberty and pursuit of Happiness, equally emanating from their Crowning Nativity from the very foundations of Nature's Law & Nature's (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason throughout eternal Creation, while forthwith thereafter, arising from their smallest social order of Man after Man's own-kind, from whence wherefore the social order of their family arises, and forthwith eternally, to their greatest social orders amongst all walks of life, all Men of Good Will recognize that such social orders arise from Nature's Law of organic truth. That truth being succinctly stated, upon which all States exist, is the truth that exists in the universally recognized and undeniable fact, that each individual Man is a State in Nature, arising from the absolute undeniable universally recognized truth of existence in being, as a State in Being, from which all other States and/or social orders may arise amongst All Walks of Life throughout known or unknown Creation.

Since then the very being a Man is a State, it behooves us in our interest of Universal Peace, that All Walks of Life should have a clear comprehension of this
organic truth aforementioned ut supra, via the Science of Right Reason. For this purpose alone, the Science of Right Reason, manifests that to maintain Good Will in the interest of Universal Peace with All Walks of Life, each State must Stand in Equality before both Law and Justice, established upon the Universal Pillars of both Law and Justice via variation by agreement, if any possibility shall exist, for a just orderly framework of the exercise and individual preservation for the universally recognized principles and/or endowments to which the Law's of Nature and Nature's Creator have entitled them.

That is, if it is our choice for the maintenance of Universal Peace, to continue to recognize and establish as a Universal Principle and Standard beyond any reasonable doubt and/or belief, as held historically by our honorable Ancestors of All Walks of Life, per the Self-evident Truths, that All Walks of Life are Created equally in Good Will via the Science of Right Reason. And that all such Equality arising therefore, must be ordained upon cognitive reasonable consent in Good Will to be justly recognized as a social order however ordained. And any just social orders arising therefrom, must be established and created via variation by agreement, to triumphantly and gloriously maintain orderly sovereignty amongst All Walks of Life equally peacefully.

Therefore, in any exchange of labor for labor, labor for goods and/or services, it is reasonably considered that when any State in Fact or State in Being, however known thereby, and wishing or desiring to enter into any social compact (society) for exercising individual unalienable self-evident truth’s to which the Law’s of Nature and Nature’s Creator entitle each, for such reasonable purpose as to obtain via their Creator-given Right to a just Livelihood, whether singularly (unilateral), jointly (bilateral), or severally (multilateral), focus should reflect with particularity, upon evidential historical predominance, which collectively All Walks of Life in humanifest destiny reveal for reflection within the Mind’s Vision, that anyone so perfectly positioned, 
may choose to cure any ills that may be slithering to beguile the infinite possibilities of maintaining harmonious accord. These accords are generally, Solemnly mandated by patent predestination via various forms and formalities, concerning the reasonable right and duties of the contracting parties, respective to exercising the Unalienable Birthrights applicable to All Walks of Life.

First Things First

    The purpose of this web site is to introduce Solutions to the current and ever changing global, universal, and ultraversal conditions and raise awareness of the often overlooked natural universal right of Self Determination and the ability of All Walks of Life to acquire political Standing to exercise the Right thereof.

    The Universal Right of Self Determination is the method by which people can identify, secure, and support their natural rights to life, liberty and property and gain Standing among all societies of Mankind, whether known as States, Nations, Kingdoms, International Organizations and/or however known.

    Standing is the most important issue in establishing Self-determination and in general, is achieved by joining together in social alliance and/or compact with like-minded individuals and pledging themselves in the support thereof, for clearly defined reasons and purposes.

    To comprehend or understand how to bring forward Solutions, you first must know the self-evident Creative Rules applicable to manifesting universally peaceful Solutions. The primary Creative Rule, is that of the Right of Self-Determination, which is recognized universally by treaties (via variation by agreement) with other social compacts (States and/or International Organizations (IGOs)) and Men of Good Will, as necessities dictate...."so that individuals shall be unimpeded in any reasonable recourse to exercising their natural inherent power of exercising choice, either for preserving their own unalienable rights and/or that of their posterity, while assuming among the powers of Earth or Creation universally, to honorably and justly create, enter, or exit any social order however defined, while facing the responsibly and/or the necessity of changing circumstances, either arising geophysical or geopolitical, which evinces a design so pernicious, as to destroy holistically such natural safeguards via unreasonable encroachments, evincing the total destruction of life or political Standing of either one individual or as may arise, those so united to create new safeguards for the institutionally sustainability to maintain those precious self-evident Universal Principles, to which the Law’s of Nature and Nature’s Creator have entitled All Walks of Life exercising self-awareness."

    If you find yourself in a system of governance, which is not solution oriented toward the best interest of your general welfare as you see fit or desire, then it is your duty and natural right to consider any agreements you have or don't have, for the maintenance of your well-being and the possible necessity to change, alter, or create agreements, for the preservation of life, liberty and property, wherever possible in the interest of Good Will seeking Universal peace with All Walks of Life. It is your natural right to seek a solution contractually, that better reflects your beliefs, interests, and general welfare via the Science of Right Reason. Not only is this true for you, but equally for the greater common good of All Walks of Life, for which you were created to network with, as a member of the whole of Mankind, in respect to making life better for yourself and where possible, for All Walks of Life. This is personal responsibility to self, and the greater common good of the whole of Mankind.

    You will be exposed to the concepts that are the accepted “rules” by which all the global geopolitical social compact systems exist. And, how you exist within those systems according to your agreements or as such agreements have been manifested to you, for your benefit or otherwise. The goal of this website is to provide you with the knowledge of the ‘Rules’ of engagement when attempting to create agreements with other geopolitical social compact systems. This practical knowledge applicable to the ‘Rules’, shows you how to create VARIATION BY AGREEMENT, which THE ALLIANCE uses to create agreements with all other geopolitical social compact systems to acquire Standing, while seeking Good Will with "All Walks of Life" in the interest of Universal Peace.

    These ‘Rules’ are universally and globally-recognized for those seeking Self-determination within the arena known as the Universal and International Public Order. Your Right of Self-Determination is firmly established by treaty within the guidelines of both the Universal and International Public Order. Further, your Right of Self- Determination is founded upon the universally and globally recognized PRINCIPLE of PEACEFUL SETTLEMENT.

    As mentioned, Building Practical Solutions is based on Practical Knowledge. Practical Knowledge means "Knowing the Rules".

    This process is based on one lynchpin Universal Principle; first and foremost, getting Agreements with All Walks of Life within the various and diverse geopolitical social compact systems individually and/or collectively, universally and/or globally, as necessity presents itself in the exercise of Self-determination. The Cornerstone that these Agreements are built upon, is the ability of each High Contracting Party States thereto, to be supported by the Universal Pillars of their pledge in both their Lives, Wealth, and Sacred Honor, while establishing equitable recourse for the maintenance of Universal Peace.

    In general on this website, you will learn about the Universal Principles, Declarations, International Treaties, and Conventions, including those which support the Right of Self-Determination, and the Right to Development, and the Right to Peace. Those include not by way of limitations but solely for example:


    Once the ‘Rules’ are covered, this web site will move forward with the Practical Knowledge, in order to further your decision to acquire your natural rights to exercise life, liberty and property via variation by agreement; and gain Standing among the societies of Mankind; to which the Law of Nature and Nature's Creator have entitled you.

    Albert Einstein said it best....“You can't solve your problems in life at the same level of thinking that you were at when you created them.” And it begs in the same light via the Science of Right Reason, the same reasoning applies to problems created by you or others, when you entered into any society of Mankind created for themselves, which evinces a design of unequally yoking you to act against your Self-determination. Differences of opinion in respect to Self-determination will always exist but if held within certain perimeters, in relationship to manifesting Self-determination, such manifestations will allows be considered wholesome. And for this reason, Men of Good Will have learned long ago, they must unite to secure for themselves, lasting peace to preserve Life and Self-determination in an orderly development, in the interest of Good Will and seeking Universal Peace with All Walks of Life.

    It is not a matter of "if" you are to succeed …but as you succeed, you will conquer your own 'escapable' FEARs (False Education Appearing Real and/or False Evidence Appearing Real). Knowledge is the most valuable commodity in the Universe and/or on Planet Earth. Knowledge of the “Rules” conquers the False Evidence of Education by shining a clear light of Truth about Self-determination. This is the beginning of your Awakening.

    Only knowledge conquers the “unknown”, and the clear Truth is that all societies which have ever existed, existed solely because of the Right of Self Determination. This web link will provide you with the basic knowledge of this Truth. The choice to support your knowledge and the Truth once acquired, is and opportunity to set you free within certain perimeters in the exercise thereof, to keep peace with All Walks of Life. The choice has always been yours!

    It is time for a change...and the change starts with you. It starts with us...all of us seeking that Good Will in the interest of Universal Peace.


Historical Perspective

    The right of self-determination of peoples has existed since man has existed. The right is based solely on one principle: sovereign thought in relation to just stewardship. It has been put many ways, such as taking dominion, exercising control, or what have you, but we prefer to believe in that it is the just stewardship of the Universal E’State of Creation and presently that which we exercise respective to planet Earth, from which we firstly manifestly exercise Self-determination.

    Historical examples are extant. In fact, every social compact, State, Nation or otherwise, on the planet today exists because of Self-determination. Ancient examples can be sited of peoples coming together to form social cultures, hereditary identities for themselves and their posterity, and systems of just stewardship and governance for the common good of the greater whole of that people. This coming together to self-govern and exercise just stewardship for oneself and one’s posterity is not based, or should not be based, on divisional tactics… such as “race, bloodline, genealogy, gender (as if all men were not of one blood and one breath from the Creator of All Walks of Life), but for the common good of All Walks of Life. Other such divisional tactics have been used such as “creeds” whereby one group believes in a position/condition of certain superiority over other groups based upon doctrines of philosophy and/or religion. These types of differences/diversities we consider to be unwarranted and pernicious, as they have repeatedly produced chaos and have not produced an orderly just stewardship for All Walks of Life.

    In looking at history until proven otherwise, one example that people may study to understand self-determination and its principles is the story of the Hebrew exodus from Egypt. The Hebrew Clan of many tribes were a people that had lived as a self-determined peoples until circumstances became such that the “Law of Necessity” dictated that they had to become subservient to the Pharaohs via a contract of bond-servitude. What was at stake was the immediate survival of those peoples. Therefore, we might say that at times the “Law of Necessity” may dictate variances in the Right of Self-Determination and/or the exercise thereof. But, history bears out that this is usually for a time, until the circumstances which caused the variance is either corrected or becomes non-existent (once again) which gives rise to just consideration for re-evaluation of the stewardship being exercised appertaining to the rights of those subjected and to re-evaluation of their Right to Self-determination.. In the case of the Hebrews, such conditions of reconsideration came about due to an end to the “drought” that caused their Peoples to create a contract of bond-servitude for the initial purpose of their survival. However, only at a particular point in history (400+ years), when they were once again ready and prepared for self-governance, they did exercise their Right of Self-determination, and left Pharaoh and Egypt behind. However, even that generation had not properly prepared themselves for self-governance, and delved into a mindset of complaining and dishonor that caused that People and their generation to wander. They complained of going back to Egypt. 

    History states that the Hebrew People did not go back to Egypt, but neither did they move forward due to their false mindset arising from the presumed fact, that they were due “something for nothing.” Or, that what was being requested of that people was intolerable or more than they could bare or handle. In other words, they did not know how to act. Therefore, their own incompetence, lack of ability, and dishonor (which was self-induced through lack of trust and lack of honor with their claimed Creator of All and the agreements they held in relationship thereto) caused them to live apart from their historical or hereditary soil due to their own failures and misunderstanding of what was necessary to “take or keep possession of said soil” and run it for their benefit. It is proper to conclude that “their right” to the soil/land could not be exercised, because they were unworthy to exercise that right. They were not, and would not have been, proper stewards. As stated in the Jamestown Exposition by Theodore Roosevelt; “the sovereign cannot make excuses for the powers that inhere in him”. If the “people” are sovereign, the thing they must learn is what it means to be sovereign and exercise their separate and equal station among the POWERS OF THE EARTH. As the Hebrew Peoples found out, this is a monumental task that is not taken lightly for transient causes or with vanity of thought.

    This is an example of the exercise of the Right of Self-determination and assuming stewardship. There may be many other corollaries (Sparta) that could be mentioned in reviewing this historical event, such as the Hebrews merely moved, but they did not upset the peace in Egypt by telling Pharaoh how to govern Egypt. It was no longer their concern. They also did not set about thinking that they were guaranteed something of value upon their leaving Egypt, excepting just compensation for unjust treatment. The goal was to return to their land and/or heredity claims of their original stewardship under their original determination as a clan/tribe of peoples. It is stated or documented by these Hebrew Peoples, that possibly their Creator of All: Yahweh might have made some of the Egyptians disposed to give the Hebrews gifts or properties upon their leaving, but this is not something guaranteed; nor is it something that was a goal of the Hebrews on their exodus to acquire such beforehand if such conditions manifestly presented themselves unattainable. It is not the case that such a condition of acquiring gifts or properties from the Egyptians were necessary in respect to whether or not the Hebrews would choose to exercise their Right of Self-determination respective to exercising just stewardship over themselves. The exercise of Self-determination is clearly and primarily about stewardship, well-being, and freedom; not about gifts, financial recompense, welfare, or other such considerations. If such does occur, then this is considered a blessing because it is not a guarantee but one manifestly provided by those seeking to establish relationships amongst themselves and others, for causes solely out of their Good Will in the interest seeking Good Will with All Walks of Life.

    Further, since other groups that have taken up the mantle to exercise Self-determination; the exercise of any sovereign stewardship by any group of peoples is going to be closely looked upon and scrutinized by these others sovereignties in the light of competency, ability, education, intelligence, and honor to be able to establish the institutions, offices, and conventions that are necessary to treat and create treaties with said other groups in a peaceful, harmonious, and mutually beneficial manner. The totality of the collective world sovereignty are looking for this competency, honor, and responsibility to ensure that their own Peoples, who have exercised a determination and self-governance, do not become infected, damaged, or afflicted by peoples who lack the ability and competency to self-govern and to handle their own affairs in honor with them. Therefore, the Right of Self-determination and the exercise of stewardship are not to be given into hands that are not capable, competent, or honorable enough to keep their agreements; but to those that are trained in the ways of honor, competence, and ability to exercise such stewardship and self-governance by contract, accord, treaty, and agreement so that all may treat with one another in honor; not in chaos. This includes setting up all institutions necessary for the training in matters of business, finance, diplomacy, relations, and continual-furthering education in statecraft for all the members of a People; including any and all posterity of those members of that social compact thereof, for the benefit of the individual and collective compact respective thereto.

    Moving forward in history, we see certain Declarations, Charters, Constitutions, and such that have established many forms of governance and self-governance. Not all create equality as we deem equality should exist. However, all do establish the necessary protocols, appointments, offices, institutions, departments, agencies, and education for how all of those things operate and the necessities respective thereto. They are functional both domestically within the social compact, and internationally outside the social compact. The United States of North America is a perfect example. The founders (not everyone), were men that were learned in these protocols and establishments; and were versed in the “LAW OF NATIONS.” They had and/or were willing to learn via acquired or collective experience or otherwise, to exercise the competency, the ability, the conceptualization, and the honor to create their self-governance and throw off the oppressor presumably. They pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to their Declaration (of Self-Determination) of Independence. They risked much, lost much, and gained much. They were skilled in administration and diplomacy; and were found many times serving as Ambassadors and Plenipotentiaries to foreign courts, tribunals, conventions, and treaty negotiations at very young ages. They did eventually secure those blessings of liberty to themselves and their posterity, and established their institutions, departments, appointments, and offices to carry forward that Self-determination for themselves and their posterity.


    Some may deem that atrocities or violations of Universal or International Public Order were created by certain men in their exercise of the Right of Self-determination. Some may already know that certain men claiming sovereignty and just stewardship have created certain doctrines, like the Doctrine of Discovery and the Doctrine of Heathenism, to justify usurpation's and the like. However, this is not unique to any social compact, culture, religion, or group of men. The evidence is extant throughout history that All cultures and “determinations” have done such at one time or another. But, this is not us. We are committed to never repeat the mistakes of the past, and therefore, it is incumbent upon us to know that the past is relevant to the consideration and/or reconsideration of who is fit, competent, and honorable to “Rule” and/or self-govern and/or exercise just stewardship among the Powers of the Earth universally. The numbers of those that lack the honor, lack the competency, lack the humility to learn and grow, lack the skill, lack the diplomacy, and lack the administrative (among many other things that could be listed)… is enormous. However, they must indeed be perfect for their condition, or they would not be in said condition and their condition would not exist otherwise.

    The exercise of the Right of Self-determination is a serious matter and must be done within the parameters of what is called the Universal or International Public Order, which has been set down historically by the past and ever changing collective sovereignty of the world to create order, peace, and harmony by the usages of the just powers thereof. We are not here to create disorder or chaos, in the world or otherwise. There is plenty of disorder going on among All Walks of Life due to a global lack of competence, lack of ability, lack of education, and lack of honor to live in peace and harmony with one another. The simplest of contractual-agreements are being broken daily, and creating mass chaos.

    Our purpose is first to have internal order within our own minds and bodies; and to develop the internal mechanisms of knowledge, competence, ability, honor, and wisdom to govern ourselves and to train others and our collective posterity that all may seek to follow in like-kind for the better ordering of ourselves and All Walks of Life. Without this foundational order, no people can prove self-governance and self-determine in and orderly manner, because that which is internally lacking would by default be mirrored externally chaotic. By possessing the internal order, we then create the institutions externally to carry forward that same order, for the better ordering of ourselves and our Peoples to honorable treat with All Walks of Life.

    There is an ancient proverbs that states; “All peoples end up getting the government that they deserve”. We agree. And, since it is the principles expressed as set down in writing by the Sovereign Earth Alliance on the Four Freedoms and the Declaration on Sovereignty that we have and are willing to pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to support and build for the furtherance of ourselves, our posterity, and All Walks of Life; we will develop that external governance to reflect that which we have internally agreed upon.

Purpose and Goals Relating to a Peoples Self-Determination

    Self-determination is the exercise of just stewardship over one’s own body, mind, and/or spirit and such other privy territories under documented and  exemplified claims, as acknowledged via variation by agreement by any particular social compacts and/or collective sovereignty within the familial association of any known Peoples of Earth or otherwise, explicitly exercising the Science of Right Reason universally seeking Universal Peace in the interest of Good Will with All Walks of Life.

    The exercise of self-determination is manifested via variation by agreement to establish the necessary institutions, departments, agencies, offices, and appointments to further the just stewardship and proper administration over said stewardship and claims and/or resources therein or thereupon, respective to any justifiable or justiciable claim.

    In addition, self-determination is commonly manifested to promote the general well-being, as well as the cultural, scientific, technological, and societal advancement equally of All Walks of Life found via variation by agreement therein or adopted thereby, and provide all such governance and institutions for said advancement.

    Inclusive to self-determination is the responsibility to establish the Institutions for the holistic advancement of Education necessary to teach just stewardship, particularly within all areas of law, contract, and administration, as well as the sciences, technology, business, finance, cultural and societal methodologies for the cultivation and advancement of knowledge, wisdom, diplomacy, competence, ability, and honor equally among All Walks of Life found therein, via variation by agreement and/or adopted thereby.