"Investing for a Better World"

Seagate Global is a private Asia focused merchant banking organization founded in 1996 with the People's Bank of China as its first client.  Seagate Global has been at the forefront of Asia finance and investing ever since, including; investments, financial advisory services, trading, wealth management and investment research. 

Seagate Global has received a number of awards and commendations for outstanding investment performance in alternative fixed income and private equity.*

To produce alpha in the current macro environment of high asset prices and rising interest rates Seagate Global is originating and servicing unique low risk/high return investment grade government backed  alternative fixed income investments in inefficient markets.

Seagate Global focuses on socially responsible strategies that help people and improve the environment. 

Seagate Global Capital government loan origination and servicing team in Malaysia.

       * See About Us and the Media Tab for investment awards and commendations.
  • Nothing on this website is either an offer to buy or sell securities in Hong Kong or any other jurisdiction.  Any past performance of investments are cited as historical information, and not a solicitation for investment, for which there is none.  Any past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.  Seagate Global Group Hong Kong is a  private HK corporation, and is not open to outside investors. This website is for information only and not a solicitation for anything.

Seagate Global Group Select Achievements:
  • Helped establish the People's Bank of China as a modern central bank
  • GAIM Absolute Performance Winner GAIM Prize, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Partner in building China’s “Outstanding Investment Corporation," China Everbright
  • Established one of China's first private equity funds and delivered strong returns while taking a number of companies public in the US, Hong Kong and China
  • Forecast the 2008 financial collapse in 2006, and positioned clients appropriately
  • Senior International Adviser to Yunnan Province and Kunming, China's Official Gateway to Southeast Asia
  • Financial Advisor to the Duterte Administration in the Philippines, 2016-present
  • Helped fund Goldwind Technology to become the world's No. 2 wind turbine firm
  • Financial Advisor to Trina Solar, a top global solar panel manufacturer
  • Working to improve relations between Muslims and non-Muslims by fostering trade and investment in places such as Malaysia and the southern Philippines
  • Investment programs supported by the Prime Minister's Office in Malaysia, 2017