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  • I swear this was unsolicited! Click here.
  • brfilora This program works perfectly!!
    Plus it's free . I tried with mencoder and with super and got really frustrated. Tried this one and got it done first shot.
  • zimbu1234 - Its awesome. It works great for anyone who just uses a PC and is not looking to get into heavy video conversion. Great job!
  • tgdavidson  - Mad props (and deep bows) for BBVideo Converter. I went from d/l to watching in about 10 minutes. Very clean results; nice GUI work in front of the other code.
  • hpmcdonald  - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I had been searching for a way to view my DVD's in wide screen format on my pearl. I struggled with Super for the right settings for sound and video quality. I could never manage it and I felt a little lost with Mencoder. Your BB Video Converter is Perfect!!!
  • Matbur - i just wanted to thank you for the software.  I'm an idiot when it comes to this stuff but your software is easy to use and understand. And I got it to work first try with no probs!!! Thankx again!
  • GHeTToSpiNacH - Thats what Im talkin' about! Yeah man it works great, thank you for saving me some time. Great job