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Dewey Decimal Number: 940's

General Links

EuroDocs from Brigham Young University. Links to sites with primary historical documents for European countries and regions.
European History Guide at University of Washington Libraries
European History Primary Sources

Helpful Links specifically for Father Walmisley's Spring 2011 Project

    Research FAQs
    Topic-Specific Great Places to Start

Age of Napoleon - Napoleonic Period Collection from the University of Washington;  Web Links - The Napoleonic Age, from historyteacher.net
The British in India - The British Presence in India in the 18th Century from BBC - History

The Cold War in Europe - Timeline: Europe 1945-80 - The Cold War from Spartacus Educational
Albert Einstein - Albert Einstein - Wikipedia
Darwinism - Darwinism timeline - Google Search
Hitler and Nazi Germany -
Nazi Germany Timeline from Spartacus Educational
The Holocaust - Documents Relating to the Holocaust from Mount Holyoke
Madame Curie and the Birth of Modern Medicine - Inventor Marie Curie Biography from Ideafinder
Mussolini and Italian Fascism -
Mussolini - THE DOCTRINE OF FASCISM from World Future Fund
Northern Ireland Conflict - The Northern Irish Conflict: A Chronology from Infoplease.com
Picasso and Modern Art - Pablo Picasso - The Most Famous Artist of the 20th Century from The Art History Archive
Russia under Catherine the Great - Catherine the Great from about.com
The Russian Revolution - Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Russian Revolution
The Tokugawa Era in Japan - Tokugawa - Europe Google Timeline Search
World War II in Europe - The History Place - World War II in Europe Timeline

Do check our collection:   Dewey Decimal Number: 940's
Books may be borrowed, except for our World War II collection.

2010-2011 Curriculum sequence
Freshman: Africa, Latin America, India, China, Japan
Sophomore: Middle East, Europe