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Washington West


Men's Club Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament 

Sunday, March 20, at 4 pm

at Har Shalom

AK Club Activities


The Adult Kids Club (a.k.a. AK Group) is part of the Men's Club; these activities are open to all members and perspective members of the Men's Club.  This group organizes activities to appeal to members who are chronologically, if not psychologically, old enough to have an adult child - i.e. about 50 years old or older.  We have monthly dinners except for October and April, when we have golf outings.  We also have a Book and Movie Activity that meets monthly.  This month's activities are described below.  If you are interested in attending either of the activities, or if  you have suggestions for other activities, please RSVP to adultkidsclub@harshalom.org.  


Friday, April 15, 2016


Taxes should be done, checks should have been sent and depression of how much you paid has probably set in.  Now is a good time to shake off that depression by getting out to the golf course.  

We will start early enough for you to get home for Shabbat.  Details will be provided to everyone who expresses an interest.  We will play at a Montgomery County Public Golf Course.  The cost is about $35 for the green fee.  Carts are available free to all seniors.  

We will play scramble.  For each foursome, everybody drives from the tee.  The second shot is taken by everyone from the best location of the drive.  Continue in this fashion until the ball is in the hole.  During the front nine and the back nine, each foursome is required to use at least one drive from each member of the foursome.  

People come early to practice and we usually meet in the clubhouse afterwards for some "19th hole shmoozing."