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If you play golf at any level, this is a great opportunity to join a truly fun Men’s Club event.  We will be playing at Montgomery County Laytonsville Golf Course.  Each foursome will play scramble (also called best ball).  All players hit a drive.  The second shot is taken from the position of the best drive by each player.  Continue in this fashion until the ball is in the hole.  One restriction is that each foursome must use at least one drive from each player on the 1st and 2nd nine holes.  

You can’t beat the price.  Member-for-a-day should be available, which means that the greens fee of about $35 includes both a cart and lunch.  We will start around 10:00.  Come early to practice and schmooze; go to the clubhouse after the round to kibitz.  RSVP to adultkidsclub@harshalom.org as soon as possible.  We need to assure that we have enough tee times.

Men's Club Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament 

Sunday, March 20, at 4 pm

at Har Shalom

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