World Wide Wrap

Click Tefillin to see the fun and value of getting your shul's children engaged in Build a Pair.  It will add a whole new dimension to your World Wide Wrap. 

Click to Har Shalom WWW see how Har Shalom built an expansive program to engage the community in their World Wide Wrap. It earned them a Gold Torch Award. 

Har Shalom Worldwide Wrap: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Last year, Seaboard Region FJMC Immediate Past President Hal Freed (pictured last) with leadership from his club and clergy engineered a Gold Torch Award winning program in response to Hazzan Henrique Ozur Bass' encouragement.  The program was such a hit the club replicated it for this year's World Wide Wrap. (Hazzan Bass is featured above the photo of Hal giving instruction how to lay tefillin). Go to and click under World Wide Wrap to read the entire program.

The Har Shalom Men's Club brought club members, the religious school and clergy all together to learn more about the mitzvah of laying tefillin. Har Shalom children start the love of this ritual in an age appropriate for constructing Build a Pair tefillin, a program of the FJMC. The club used its subsidy from the Seaboard Region FJMC to pay for the Build a Pair Program. This is an excellent example of the international organization, region and club all working together to further the Masorti Movement and love of ritual.

Yasher koach to Hal and Har Shalom Men's Club! If you look more closely at Hal's photo, you will see a plethora of awards that he and his club have earned. Hal recently accepted the position of Seaboard Convention Liaison for the 2017 convention in Crystal City, Virginia just across the Potomac from Washington, DC. Clearly, we have the right man for the job!






From Beth Shalom's (Columbia, MD) World Wide Wrap

X, X, Rabbi Susan Grossman, Alan Spiegel

Two Photos from Olam Tikvah's World Wide Wrap Below

 Left to right:  Elliot Dubin, Bruce Gordon, Howard Sloan, and Steve Tursky

From Shaare Tikvah's World Wide Wrap Below

Left to right:  Keith Meyers, Ed Rosenzweig, Jerry Feith, and Andy Sheldon
(Photo by Dan Lieman or Ed Halikman)