Seaboard Regional REPRESENTS!


        REPRESENT! is a Seaboard Region concept in gathering Seaboard Club officials
        and others together to talk about each other and about what the Region and
individual clubs are pursuing this year.

Hallelujah with the Abayudaya

Ruach Rags Flying

Temple Israel, Norfolk VA
December 18, 2016

From left:  Alex Pomerantz (Seaboard), Jim Gordon (Temple Israel), Joseph Karp (Temple Israel), Johnny Parker (Prez, Rodef Sholom), Ron Gladstone (Beth El, Norfolk Vice President).
Following a very spirited bensch led by Johnny, attendees let the Ruach flow and way their Ruach Rags proudly!

Skype with Aaron:
Temple Israel's Stan Weisberger chats with Aaron Moses via Skype while club and event organizer Jonathan Longman (TI) runs the video.

        There were three earlier in-gatherings: one each for the general Washington, DC area, one for the Tidewater area, 
        and one for the combined Baltimore, Annapolis, and Harrisburg areas.

        You can view the photos from the three In-Gatherings by clicking on the underline words below:

            #1 held in Rockville, October 18, 2015:        Seaboard FJMC Represent!

            #2 held in Norfolk, November 15, 2015:       Seaboard FJMC Represent!

            #3 held in Baltimore, January 10, 2016:      Seaboard FJMC Represent!