Blue Yarmulke Man of the Year
                    BlueCademy is here

The Seaboard Region and all of its friends and relatives are getting excited
about this year's terrific Blue Yarmulke Man of the Year theme for its Baltimore Gala.  

As you can see by the banners above and below, it is based on America's annual
Academy Awards, and we are branding it BlueCademy.

Just click on the upper banner to connect to the Registration website.

The Abayudaya is a group of Jews in Uganda 

who are affiliated with the Masorti/Conservative movement.   

To read more about this very interesting tribe, click on the website below.


This video features Aaron's brother Rabbi Gershom and tells the history of the Abayudaya.

History of the Abayudaya - Rabbi Gershom

This video features our friend Aaron Moses and discusses the Abayudaya thirst for Jewish knowledge.

Schools of the Abayudaya


Left to right:  

Gabe Taraday, Patty Gordon, Art Spar, Aaron Moses & Bruce

Seaboard 36 Strong at the FJMC Convention in Miami Beach

 Ma'asim Tovim Michael Freilich Celebrates

Region Reaps Four Torch Awards and Nine Quality Club Awards

Michael Freilich (L) with Myles Simpson 

Click here to learn more about Micheal's contributions

Seaboard Convention Attendees

From left to right.  Front Row: Bruce Gordon, Alex Pomerantz;  Second Row Seated:  Barbara Freilich, Susan Longman, Michael Freilich, JoAnn Meyers, Brenda Meyers, Shirley Rosenzweig, Ed Rosenzweig, Sheil Stern; Third Row Standing:  Johnny Parker, Baron Tayler, Bill Becker, Allan Kahan, Larry Waskow, Brian Kolstad, Barry Landau, Danny Stern, Aaron Kintu Moses, Steve Tursky, Hal Freed, David Freiman, Bob Watts, Gabe Taraday, Eric Beser, Tom Loggie, Greg Gore, Keith Meyers.  Not Pictured:  Kay Beser, Eric Fingerhut, Patty Gordon, Linda Recht and Randi Waskow

NOVA Leadership District Key in Soccer Tournament's Success

Fairfax, Aug 2 Olam Tikvah Men's Club Immediate Past President Eric Rothberg joined Rodef Shalom's Neil Richmond to organize the Eighth Annual Soccer Tournament to benefit the children of Sderot, Israel. Sderot is the town in Israel near the Gaza border that bears the brunt of the shelling. Proceeds from the tournament fund camp scholarships for these children.  Five teams competed to raise almost $1500 for the children.  Click here to see photos and action from the tournament.

Sderot Soccer 2015

Photos by Bob Watts

Installation Draws 110 Attendees from Baltimore to Norfolk

For Installation of its 31st Board of Officers

Photo of new Board credited to Jack Klevan

From the left:  Bill Becker, Honorary President; Bruce Gordon, President; Alex Pomerantz, 1st Vice President; Hal Freed, Immediate Past President; Barry Landau, Secretary; Brian Kolstad, Vice President; Ed Rosenzweig, Vice President; Tom Loggie, Vice President; Vic Cohen, Webmaster; Larry Waskow, Vice President; Alan Chickinsky, Manager of IT and New Technology; not pictured, Jordan Rosner, Treasurer

June 28 - Fairfax, Virginia

Seaboard Region FJMC celebrated the installation of its 31st Board of Officers at Congregation Olam Tikvah.  Friends, family and community members from the entire region attended.  A festive atmosphere featuring Bruce Gordon's fresh smoked salmon and trout and a lively Birkat Hamazon made the event fun and special.  

Olam Tikvah Men's Club President Bob Watts hosted the event and was a personable Master of Ceremonies.  Immediate Past President Hal Freed described the region's progress during his leadership.  Honorary President and incoming FJMC International Vice President Bill Becker installed the new board. Bruce Gordon provided a photo-filled presentation that detailed Seaboard Region's activities, support of regional clubs and brotherhoods, and Conservative Judaism. First Vice President Alex Pomerantz presented Hal Freed with a beautifully inscribed FJMC tallis and outgoing, long time Seaboard officer Gary Smith with a gift card.

Click here to see all the photos for this wonderful event.