INSPIRE 2016 Call For Proposals

Important Dates:

Submission Deadline: 8.4.2016
Notifications by 5.5.2016

The ubiquity of immediate image capture and manipulation, facilitated by digital technology, has had a profound impact on the world of photography - with every aspect its production, display, distribution and collection redefined since the digital revolution. 

Recently, however, we have been witnessing a surprising phenomenon - the comeback of ‘analogue’ instant photography. How is this challenging photography again? What  intriguing questions are appearing as a result of the resurrection of the Polaroid technology and its impressive reincarnation as ‘The Impossible Project’? What are the benefits of image capture in all its forms today? Why do many revert back to a complicated, expensive ‘one of’ technology over a hands on, immediate and affordable one? And to what extent are the undisturbed, direct and non-editable images and processes of ‘Impossible’ substantially different from digital processes? As the amount of images created by humanity explodes (1.8 - 2.7 Billion images per day), how does the value of the photographic image as signifier of human history and culture change? Pessimists worry that a freak electromagnetic event can erase all of our electronic data (and with it the entirety of our visual heritage). Is the revival of the photographic artifact a solution or just a symptom of the problems digital archiving brings about?   

We want to explore these issues: raise questions and invoke a fruitful discussion amongst scholars from related fields - philosophers, artists, engineers, designers, social scientists - whether by traditional means, innovative or creative research, with, in, or around image making.

This CFP is looking for proposals for projects that critically engage with the following themes:

  • Vernacular Photography and Social Media;

  • Inter-networked Photographs;

  • Photographic Artifacts;

  • Photo-Authenticity;

  • Software based Photography;

Possible types of projects:

  • Exploratory studios;

  • Investigative ventures designed to deliver (or question) artifacts;

  • Academic papers and publications;

  • Academic courses, workshops and conferences;

  • Exhibitions;

  • Community activities


The Lab supports 2 project durations:

  1. Research projects: 8 months.

  2. Workshops: 5-10 days.

Resources that the Lab can provide:

  1. 1-3 Research/production assistants (based at Shenkar) as needed for the duration of the project

  2. Materials for instant photography

  3. Equipment loans (cameras, printers, peripherals, etc)

  4. Access to Shenkar’s facilities and labs

  5. Assistance in travel to Israel

  6. Honorarium

  7. Participation in the end of Year international conference and exhibition

  8. Inclusion in the lab annual publication

Submission Process

  1. All submissions must be made with the online submission form.

  2. All submissions (and supporting materials) must be in English.

  3. Submission Deadline: 8.4.2016

  4. Notifications by 5.5.2016