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This Week's Plans (September 11th-15th)

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Reading: In reading this week we will continue to learn our letters, practice rhyming, and work with sounds. We are learning how to tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction books. We will be learning about different types of texts such as books, newspapers, magazines, etc. We will also begin learning about how readers use their schema to relate to, connect to, and understand fiction books. Our sight words this week are green and purple.

Writing: This week in writing, we will work on drawing to share ideas, drawing using our imagination, drawing with multiple colors, and adding detains to people and animals. The kindergartners are learning to work hard on their work so it's ready to share with the class. 

Math: At the beginning of the week we will make a graph to compare our height with one another. We will learn how to give the next number when counting, using our fingers to count and show numbers, using shapes to solve puzzles, and how to use ten frames.

Science/Social Studies: This week we are wrapping up our unit on being good citizens who follow rules at home, school and in the community. We will begin discussing families such as who is in our family and different types of families.