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This Week's Plans (May 15th-19th)

Reading: We will continue talking about long sounds in vowels. We will read stories that contain many long vowel words. We are continuing to ask questions as we read and will focus on nonfiction books.

Writing: In writing this week, we will continue work on writing non-fiction books. The students have chosen an animal and have been researching facts to put into books.

Math: The week will start out with using craft sticks to understand tens and ones. We will also use craft sticks to represent the same number is various ways (two groups of 3 and a group of 4 and one of 2 both make 6). The children will practice number writing to 100 and above, and to decade count.

Science: We will continue our Life Sciences unit on Plants and Animals. We are learning about how living things (plants, animals, and humans) change as they grow, how young animals are like their parents, and what animals live in water/on land.