8/23/2017  {World History-A} Distribute textbooks, outlines, go over information on expectations for class, projects, chromebooks.Read Chapter 1- pp.3-23.  8/24; Outline notes over Prehistory, Anthropologists, Paleontologists, Archaeologists, Artifacts, Radiocarbon Dating, Nomads, First Australians, Ice Ages, Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic Time Periods, Neanderthals. 8/25; Outline notes over Ancient Egyptians, Pyramids, Great Sphinx, Egyptologist, Old Kingdom, Khufu, Check Student Notes.
8/23/2017 {Economics-C} Distribute textbooks, outlines, projects, go over expectations for class. Read Chapter 1- pp.3-18. 8/24; Outline notes over; What is Economics? Micro & Macro-Economics, What can I learn from Economics? Consumers, Producers, Goods, Services, Products. 8/25; Outline notes over Resources, Factors of Production; Natural-Human-Capital, Entrepreneurship, Michael Dell, Economic Decisions, Video over Goods & Services.

8/23/2017 {Civics-D1} Distribute textbooks, Go over information using chromebooks on projects, outlines, expectations. Read Chapter 1- pp.3-23.
8/24; Outline notes over What is Civics? Functions of Government, Levels of Government, Principles of Democracy, Diversity of Americans, Patriotism.
8/25; Discussion over Federal-State-Local News, Outline notes over Aliens in America, Ethnic Diversity, Civic Responsibilities, Research News Topics.
8/23/2017 {World History-D2} Distribute textbooks, outlines, expectations, chromebooks use on projects. Read Chapter 1- pp. 3-23. 8/24; Outline notes over Prehistory, Anthropologists, Paleontologists, Archaeologists, Artifacts.
8/25; Outline notes over Radiocarbon Dating, Nomads, First Australians, Ice Ages, Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic Time Periods, Neanderthals.
09/11; {World History-A} Review for test over Greece 09/12; Test ! 09/13; Go over tests! Update Grades! Notes over Republic of Rome,Roman Officials,Patricians, Plebeians, Roman Society, Tiberius Gracchus 09/14; Map over Roman Empire, Chapter 5 Questions, Notes over Julius Caesar, Spartacus 09/15; Video Spartacus.
09/11; {Economics-C} Go over test! Update Grades! Work on Economics Investigation #2 09/12; Notes over Demand, Gas Prices, Elasticity of Demand,Consumer Expectations, Read Chapter 4/ Demand 09/13; Notes over Profit, Consumer Tastes,Supply, Generic Products, Substitution Effect, Read Chapter 5/ Supply, Chapter 4/ Questions-Do Thursday. 09/14; Notes over Determinants of Supply, Fixed Resources, Marginal Product, Local Megaplex 09/15; Video Supply & Demand.
09/11; {Civics-D1} Review for test ! {Changed from last week} 09/12; Test ! 09/13; Go over test! Distribute information on Career Project. 09/14-15; Work on chromebook -Career Papers.
09/11; {World History-D2} Notes over Minoan & Mycenaean Civilizations, Greek City-State, Daily Life in Athens 09/12; Notes over Peloponnesian War, Alexander the Great, Olympian Games 09/13; Video over Greece 09/14; Chapter 4/ Worksheet
09/15; Review for test!
09/25 {World History-A} War Games Review !  09/26; Test Review 30 min., Test !
09/27; Go over tests! Update Grades ! Notes over the Byzantine Empire, Emperor Justinian, Code of Law, Hagia Sophia 09/28; Notes over Bosporus & Dardanelles,
Great Schism, Family Life in Byzantium, Fall of Constantinople, Video "Byzantine Empire" 09/29; Notes over Islam, Abu Bakr, Caliphs, Umayyad Dynasty, Abbasids, Video.
09/25 {Economics-C} Go over tests ! Update Grades ! Notes over Functions of Money, Banking, Federal Reserve System, Read Chapter 18 / Money and Banking.
09/26; Notes over Mutual Savings, Credit Unions, U.S. Treasury, Video over Money & Banking 09/27; Chapter 18-Worksheet, Notes over Credit, Credit Ratings, Credit Cards 09/28-29; Economic Investigations Project #3.
09/25 {Civics-D1} Career Paper Research Project 09/26; Finish Career Paper Project 09/27; Discussion of Bill of Rights, Individual Freedoms, Gun Ownership, Read Chapter 6. 09/28; Discussion over Property Rights, Free Speech, Video Bill of Rights 09/29; Fox & Friends News Update, Discussion of News Events.
09/25 {World History-D2} Spartacus Film Continues 09/26-27; Spartacus 09/28; Notes over Accomplishments of Caesar in Government & Economics, Ides of March, Octavian, Cleopatra, Accomplishments of Augustus 09/29; Notes over Roman Family, Forum, Circus Maximus, Colosseum, Roman Law, Aqueducts.
10/09; {World History-A} Review first half, Test! second half 10/10; Go over tests! Update Grades! Read Chapter 7/ The Rise of Europe 10/11; Notes over Frankish Rulers, Clovis,Mayors of the Palace, Pepin the Short, Papal States, Charlemagne & his accomplishments, Chapter 7 Questions 10/12; Notes over Treaty of Verdun, Gregory of Tours, Alcuin, Inquisition, Technology Presentations 10/13; Technology Presentations, Video.
10/09; {Economics-C} Finish Banking Transactions 10/10-11; Review for test!
10/12; Review for test ! first half of class, Test ! second half 10/13; Go over tests !
Update grades! Notes over Auto Insurance.
10/09; {Civics-D1} Discussion over Political Parties in Iowa, Democrat & Republican, Minor Parties 10/10; Website Project over Political Parties/Chromebooks 10/11-12; Video Presidential Debate 2016 10/13; Discussion over Presidential Debate & Candidates.
10/09; {World History-D2} Test ! {changed from last week} 10/10; Go over tests! Update Grades! Read Chapter 10 10/11; Notes over Byzantine Empire, Justinian,Code of Law, Hagia Sophia,Bosporus and Dardanelles, Great Schism,Family Life in Byzantium 10/12; Video over Byzantine Empire 10/13; Chapter 10 / Worksheet.
10/23; {World History-A} Review over Causes & Effects of the Crusades, Video over Crusades 10/24; Notes over Scholasticism, Black Death, Causes & Results of the Hundred Years War, Video 10/25; Notes over Wars of the Roses, Henry VII, Richard III, Privy Council, Court of Star Chamber, the Hapsburgs, Pope Clement V 10/26; Notes over Marco Polo, Video over Marco Polo 10/27; Review for test!
10/23; {Government-C} Distribute textbooks! Outline packet over Law, Police, & Courts, Notes over How cases reach the Supreme Court?, Writing Opinions, Types of Federal Courts, Constitutional, Special, District Courts 10/24; Notes over Court of Appeals, Claims, International Trade, Customs & Patent Appeals, Video 10/25; Notes over Territorial Courts, Courts of D.C., Brief, Docket, Grand & Petit Juries 10/26; Chapter 18/Worksheet, FBI Video 10/27; Notes over Justice Department, Causes of Violent Crime,Stages of Criminal Justice.
10/23; {Civics-D1} Discussion over Chapter 7 / Education in Iowa, History, School Boards, Private K-12 Schools, Homeschooling 10/24; Discussion over State Board of Education, Board of Regents, Private Colleges & Universities 10/25; Chapter 7 / Worksheet/Questions 10/26; Discussion over Chapter 9/ Interest Groups, Positive/Negative Features,Political Action Committees, Political Websites Research 10/27; Website Research Project Continued.
10/23; {World History-D2} Review for test !  10/24; Test ! 10/25; Go over tests! Update Grades! Read Chapter 7 10/26; Notes over Frankish Rulers, Pepin the Short, Charlemagne; Accomplishments & Problems, Treaty of Verdun 10/27; Notes over Gregory of Tours, Monte Cassino, Gregory I, Inquisition, Cardinals, Friars, Francis of Assisi, Anglo-Saxons, Alfred the Great.
11/06; {World History-A} Notes over Absolutism, Divine Right, Spanish Armada, Henry IV, Cardinal Richelieu, Video: Spanish Armada 11/07; Notes over Louis XIV, Versailles Palace, Maria Theresa, Hohenzollern's, Video: Palace of Versailles 11/08; Chapter 13/16 Open-Book Worksheets 11/09; Finish Worksheets, Review for test 11/10; Review for test !
11/06; {Government-C} Notes over Forms of City Government, Mayor-Council, Commission, Council-Manager, Municipal Functions, Zoning
11/07; Notes over Functions of Counties, Weakness of County Government,County-Manager Plan, Chief Executive Plan, County-Consolidation 11/08; Chapter 18 Worksheet 11/09; Notes over Direct & Indirect Taxes, Federal Income Tax, Federal Non-Tax Revenues, Video: Taxes, Department of Treasury, IRS, U.S. Customs, Secret Service, U.S. Mint 11/10; Review for test !
11/06; {Civics-D1} Chromebook Projects were extended, class is behind schedule, Discussion over Chapter 9  11/07; Discussion over Chapter 10/ Parliamentary Procedure 11/08; Chapter 9/10 Questions, work on during class 11/09; Time given to complete Chapter Questions 11/10: Discussion of Chapter 11/ Mass Media, Current News Events
11/06; {World History-D2} Discussion over Robin Hood, Film: "Robin Hood" 11/07; Film: "Robin Hood" 11/08; Chapter 8 / Worksheet 11/09-10; Finish "Robin Hood", Review for test !
11/27; {World History-A} Finish Video, Notes over Battle of Verdun, Eugene Bullard,Battle of Somme 11/28; Notes over Mata Hari, Battle of Jutland, Lafayette Escadrille, Battles of Aisne,Cambrai, Meuse-Argonne 11/29; Chapter 26 Worksheet
11/30; Notes over American Aid in W.W.I., Gen. Pershing, MacArthur, Alvin York, Wilson's 14 Points, Peace of Paris Treaty, Problems after W.W.I. 12/01; War Games Review.
11/27; {Government-C} Review for test !  11/28; Review 11/29; Test ! 11/30; Go over tests! Update grades! Read Chapter 5-7 12/01; Notes over Political Parties, Politics, Two-Party System, Propaganda Techniques 
11/27; {Civics-D1} Discussion over Chapter 13 / Citizenship [changed from last week] 11/28; Project over Citizenship Websites 11/29; Project continued 11/30; Fox & Friends News 12/01; Civics Worksheet on U.S. Economy.
11/27-29; {World History-D2} Review for test ! 11/30; Test!  12/01; Go over tests! Update Grades !  Read Chapter 13.
12/11; {World History-A} Notes over Treblinka, Mauthausen, Sachenhausen, Ravensbruck, Shindlers' List, Simon Wiesental, Mossad 12/12; Notes over the "Great Escape", Roger Bushell, Hazards, Geneva Convention, Review for test!
12/13; Review for test ! 12/14; Review ! Test ! 12/15; Go over tests! Update Grades!
Notes over Modern China, Japan.
12/11; {Government-C} Notes over Articles II,III of the Constitution 12/12; Notes over Articles IV-VII of the Constitution 12/13; Notes over Amendments 1-26 12/14; Review for Constitution Test ! 12/15; Review ! Test !
12/11;{Civics-D1} Discussion over Chapter 10/ Federal Judicial Branch 12/12; Federal Court & other Branches of Government-Discussion 12/13; Chapter 9/10 Worksheets 12/14; Chapter 9/10 Worksheets continued 12/15; Discussion of recent news events, Fox & Friends News show.
12/11; World History-D2} Notes over King Henry IV of France, Cardinal Richelieu, Louis XIV & the Palace of Versailles 12/12; Video over Palace of Versailles 12/13; Notes over Hohenzollern's of Prussia, Frederick the Great, Thirty Years War 12/14; Chapter 13 Worksheet 12/15; Notes over War of Spanish Succession, Seven Years War, Treaty of Paris.
01/04/2018; {U.S. History-A} Distribute Textbooks, Outlines, Go over Expectations, Notes over First Americans, Culture, Civilizations, Mayas-Aztecs-Incas. 01/05; Notes over Anasazi, Archaeologist, Trade Problems, Prince Henry, Dias.
01/04; {Government-B} Distribute Textbooks, Outlines, Go over Expectations, Notes over How Cases Reach the Supreme Court ?, Writing Opinions, Types of Federal Courts,Constitutional, Special.01/05; Notes over District Courts, Court of Appeals, Claims, International Trade, Custom & Patient Appeals,Territorial Courts.
01/04; {U.S. History-C} Distribute Textbooks, Outlines, Go over Expectations, Notes over First Americans, Culture, Civilizations, Mayas-Aztecs-Incas.
01/04; {Civics-D1} Distribute Textbooks, Go over Projects, Outlines, Read Chapter 1-pp.3-23.01/05; Notes over What is Civics?, Functions of Government, Levels of Government.
01/04; {World History-D2} Notes over French Revolution, Estates, King Louis 16th, Marie Antoinette, The Bastille 01/05; Notes over Reign of Terror, Results of the French Revolution, Unicameral Legislature, Conscription, The Directory, Coup d' etat.
01/04; {JH-Tutoring-E} Assist JH students !  01/05; Assist JH students!
01/15; {U.S. History-A & C} No School!  01/16; Review for test! Test !  01/17; Go over tests ! Notes over Marquette & Joliet, La Salle, Mercantilism, Navigation Acts, Settlement of Savannah, Blackbeard the Pirate, Triangular Trade 01/16; Types of Colonies, Bacon's Rebellion, Reasons for the French & Indian War, Advantages for the French & British, Ft. Necessity & Maj. Washington, Louisburg, William Pitt as Prime Minister 01/18; Notes over Battle of Quebec & Montreal, Treaty of Paris, Pontiac's Rebellion, Stamp Act, Sons of Liberty, Boston Massacre, Video 01/19; Chapter 3 Worksheet, Review for test.
01/15; {Government-B} No School!  01/16; Test changed because of snow day! Review for test! 01/17; Test !  01/18; Go over tests! Notes over Financing State & Local Government, Sales Tax, State Income Tax, Document & Stock Transfer, Licensing Fees 01/19; Notes over Motor Vehicle, Inheritance, Severance, Amusement Taxes, State Operated Businesses.
01/15; {Civics-D1} No School ! 01/16; Notes over Different Kinds of Taxes 01/17; Notes over various challenges of our communities, Environmental Issues 01/18; Notes over Sources of Energy, Conservation, Recycling, Conflicting Interests 01/19; Review for test!
01/15; {World History-D2} No School! 01/16; Finish Video 01/17; Notes over Ivan IV, Michael Romanov, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great 01/18; Notes over Nicolas I and Crimean War, Florence Nightingale, Russification, Czar Nicholas II
01/19; Notes over Revolution of 1905, Revolution of 1917, Lenin, Bolsheviks, Review for test!
01/29; {U.S. History-A &C} Notes over Wyoming Valley Massacre, Albany, Ft. Stanwix, Oriskany, Bennington 01/30; Notes over Commercial & Alliance Treaties, Saratoga, Benedict Arnold, Germantown, Video "American Revolution" 01/31; Chapter 4 / Worksheet 02/01; Notes over Monmouth, Kaskaskia, Cahokia, Vincennes, George Rodgers Clark, Savannah, Charleston, Camden, Kings Mt. 02/02; Notes over Guilford Court House, Yorktown, Treaty of Paris, Select teams for "War Games."
01/29;{ Government-B} Test was changed to Friday ! Notes start today over Foreign Policy, Goals, Role of National Security Council, CIA, Department of State 01/30; Notes over Foreign Service, Video 01/31; Chapter 17/ Worksheet 02-01-02; Distribute Packets on JFK Assassination Project, Work on project on Chrome-books.
01/29; {Civics-D1} Test changed from last week. Career Paper Project starts today.
01/30-02/01; Career Paper Project 02/02; Update grades ! Video over current news events.
01/29; {World History-D2} Test changed from last week. Go over tests! Update Grades! Read Chapter 24 01/30; Notes over Imperialism in Africa,Building Overseas Colonies, Economic Interests in Africa 01/31; Notes over Protectorate,Sphere of Influence, Zula King Cetshwayo, Dr. Livingstone, Countries competing in Africa 02/01; Chapter 24 / Worksheet 02/02; Africa Video.
02/12; {U.S. History-A &C} Chapter 6-Worksheet, Review for test ! 02/13; Review for test ! Test !  02/14; Go over tests! Update Grades ! Notes over the Effects of the War of 1812, James Monroe as President,Problems in Georgia & Florida 02/15; Notes over Seminole Wars, Monroe Doctrine, Quadruple Alliance, John Quincy Adams as President 02/16; No School !
02/12; {Government-B} Review for test ! Test !  02/13; Go over tests ! Notes over Politics, Political Parties, Two-Party System 02/14; Notes over Functions of Political Parties, Bandwagon, Informer, Watchdog, National Party Machinery, 2016 Presidential Debate 02/15; 2016 Debate 02/16; No School!
02/12; {Civics-D1} Discussion over Chapter 3 / Citizenship and Our Other Roles in Society 02/13-15; Film: Radio {changed from last week}
02/12; {World History=D2} Test !  02/13; Go over test ! Update grades ! Read Chapter - 26 02/14; Notes over 1st & 2nd Balkan Wars, Causes of W.W.I., Steps starting W.W.I. 02/15; Notes over Central Powers, Allies, Fronts, New Weapons, Battle of the Mons.
02/26; {U.S. History-A & C} Finish Film "Alamo", Review for test 02/27; Review for test! Chapter 9 / Worksheet 02/28; Review for test! 03/01; Review, Test !  03/02; Go over tests! Notes over Dorr's Rebellion, Wilmot-Proviso, Compromise of 1850, Kansas-Nebraska Act, John Brown
02/26; {Government-B} Constitution Notes 02/27 Finish Constitution Notes 02/28; Chapter 3 / Worksheet 03/01; Review for test! 03/02; Review, Test !
02/26; {Civics-D1} Discussion over Chapter 6 02/27; Chapter 6 / Questions, Due at end of class ! 02/28; Fox & Friends News Video 03/01; Discussion over Chapter 1 /Iowa Govt. & Politics Book / Iowa's Founding 03/02; Discussion over Iowa Constitution, Checks & Balances, Local Governments, City Government in Iowa
02/26; {World History-D2} Notes over Douglas MacArthur & Alvin York in W.W.I.,Wilson's 14 Points, Questions / Chapter 26 02/27; Notes over Big Four, Armistice, Peace of Paris Treaties02/28; Chapter 26 Worksheet 03/01; Work on W.W.I. Map in class  03/02; Video continues "W.W.I. in Colour"
03/12;{ U.S. History- A &C} Go over tests ! Update Grades ! Notes over Lincoln Assassination, Reconstruction of the South, President Andrew Johnson, Carpetbaggers, Jim Crow Laws, President Grant, Depression of 1873, Corruption & Scandals during Grant's presidency 03/13; Video over "Lincoln Assassination."
03/14-16; Spring Break !
03/12; {Government-B} Go over tests ! Update Grades ! 03/13; Last day of the class! 03/14-16; Spring Break !
03/12; {Civics-D1} Discussion over Chapter 4/ Iowa Judicial Branch 03/13; Chapter 4 / Continued Discussion 03/14-16; Spring Break !
03/12; {World History-D2} Go over tests! Update Grades ! Video over "The Holocaust." 03/13; Notes over German Aggression, Invasion of Poland, Germany under Hitler. 03/14-16; Spring Break !
03/19; {U.S. History- A &C} Notes over Presidency of Hayes, Garfield, Arthur. 03/20; Notes over Cleveland as President, Veterans Pensions, Interstate Commerce Act, McKinley Tariff, President Harrison, Depression of 1893 03/21; Chapter 12/16 Worksheets 03/22; Review for test ! 03/23; Review, Test !
03/19; Economics-B}Distribute Textbooks, Outline Packets, Go over expectations. Read Chapter 1 03/20; Notes over What is Economics? Micro & Macro Economics, What Can I Learn From Economics ?,  Consumers, Producers 03/21; Notes over Goods, Services, Products, Resources, Factors of Production 03/22; Notes over Natural, Human, Capital Factors, Entrepreneurship, Michael Dell, Economic Decisions 03/23; Economics Video
03/19; {Civics-D1} Discussion of News Events During Spring Break 03/20; Discussion over Criminal & Civil Cases in Iowa, Court of Appeals, State Supreme Court of Iowa, Work on Chapter Questions 03/21; Discussion over Chapter 5/ Authorities, Boards, Commissions, Councils, Districts in Iowa 03/22; Discussion of Chapter 6/ Local Governments in Iowa 03/23; Chapter 5/6 Worksheets
03/19; {World History-D2} Notes over Platform of Hitler, Nuremberg Laws, Wannsee Conference, Kristallnacht, Final Solution 03/20; Notes over Schutzstaffel, Gestapo, Auschwitz, Mengele, Video over Auschwitz 03/21; Notes over Escape from Sobibor, Einsatzgruppen, Sonderkommando, Perchersky, Buchenwald, Dachau
03/22-23; Film over "Escape from Sobibor."
04/02; {U.S. History- A&C} No School! 04/03; Review notes with students! 04/04; Notes over Butch Cassidy & the Wild Bunch, Sundance Kid, Etta Place, Union Pacific Railroad, Percy Seibert, Concordia Tin Mines 04/05; Film "Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid" 04/06; Finish film first half, review for test second half of class.
04/02; {Economics-B} No School! 04/03; Economic Investigations Project for 12th grade 04/04-05; Economic Investigations Project 04/06; Finish notes, review for test.
04/02; {Civics-D1} No School! 04/03; No class, Incentive Day! 04/04; Finish discussion of Chapter 6 / Behind from last week 04/05; Work on Chapter 6 / Questions, Due end of class!  04/06; News Events Video, Fox & Friends.
04/02; {World History-D2} No School! 04/03; Incentive Day!, No students! 04/04; Film: "Escape from Sobibor" continues 04/05; Assign Holocaust Speeches, work on in class! 04/06; Book Report Work Day! 
04/16;{ U.S. History- A&C}Review for test ! 04/17; Test ! Notes over Dawes Plan,Red Scare, Harding as President, Scandals, Presidency of Calvin Coolidge, Kellogg-Briand Pact, Golden Twenties 04/18 Notes over President Hoover, Stock Market Crash, Great Depression, Roosevelt & the New Deal 04/19; Review for test !
04/20; Test !
04/16; {Economics-B} Economic Investigations #2 Project 04/17; Project Due by end of class! 04/18; Notes over Labor & Capital, Soil & Seasons, Benefits of Trade, U.S. Exports & Imports, Tariffs, Steel Trade Surplus, Review for test ! 04/19; Review for test ! 04/20; Review, Test ! 
04/16; {Civics-D1} Discussion of Chapter 9 / Interest Groups, Positive & Negative Features, Political Action Committees 04/17; Political Video, Chapter 9-Questions
04/18; Discussion of Chapter 10/ Parliamentary Procedure, Robert's Rules of Order,Point of Information, Amend, Main Motion, Postpone Indefinitely 04/19; Parliamentary Procedure continues, Video 04/20; News Video 
04/16; {World History-D2} Great Escape {video continues} 04/17; Great Escape 04/18-19; Review for test ! 04/20; Test !
04/30; {U.S. History-A&C} Notes over V-E Day, 761st Tank Battalion, Audie Murphy,OSS, War Brides, War Games Review 05/01-02; War Games Review 05/03; W.W.II. Test / Part 1  05/04; Spring Games; No Class !
04/30; {Economics-B} Finish Banking Transactions 05/01-02; Review for test ! 05/03; Review / Test ! 05/04; No Class ! Spring Games !
04/30; {Civics-D1} Discussion over Chapter 10 / continues, Chapter Questions due end of class ! 05/01-03; Film  05/04; No class ! Spring Games !
04/30; {World History-D2} Notes over Japan after W.W.II., Trade War, China, Mao, Chiang Kai-shek, India, Nehru & Gandhi, Anzus Alliance 05/01; Notes over African Nationalism, Libya, Algeria, Congo, Rwanda & Uganda 05/02; Notes over Kenya, Angola, Zambia, South Africa & Apartheid, Nelson Mandela 05/03; Chapter 31 / Worksheet 05/04; No Class! Spring Games *****************************

05/14; {U.S. History-A &C} Notes over the Clinton Presidency, NAFTA, Family & Medical Leave Act, Lewinsky Scandal, Election of 2000, NCLB, 9/11, Homeland Security, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Great Recession 05/15; Notes over Election of 2008, Obama Presidency, CHIP, Affordable Care Act, START Treaty, U.S Auto Industry, Election of 2016, Trump Presidency, Video. 05/16; Check History Notes for points 05/17-18; Review for test !
05/14-15; {Economics-B} Review for test with Seniors, Juniors work on Economic Investigations #5 05/16; Test for Seniors, Check-in Textbooks. 05/17; Go over test grades with seniors! Review with Juniors for test! 05/18; Review for test!
05/14;{Civics-D1} Chapter 13/ Citizenship Questions 05/15; Discussion over Chapter 7 / Civics Textbook 05/16; Chapter 7 /Worksheet 05/17; Chapter 8 / Civics Textbook Discussion  05/18; Video: Fox & Friends Current News.
05/14; {World History-D2} Finish notes over last outline, Chapter 32/ Questions
05/15; Review for test ! 05/16; Chapter 32-Worksheet {changed from last week} 05/17; Review for test !  05/18; Test!
05/21; {U.S. History-A &C} No class ! Incentive Day ! 05/22; Review, Test ! 05/23; Go over tests ! Grades ! W.W.II. Film 05/24; W.W.II. Film 05/25; Discuss History Trip !
05/21; {Economics-B} No class ! 05/22; Go over tests! Grades ! 05/23-24; Economics Video 05/25; Discuss History Trip !
05/21; {Civics-D1} No class ! 05/22; Finish assignment Chapter 20 05/23; Discussion Chapter 21 -Textbook 05/24; Chapter 21/ Worksheet 05/24; Go over grades for class ! 
05/21; {World History-D2} No class ! 05-22-24; Book Report Speeches 05;25; Go over book report project grades, final grades !
8/28/2017 {World History-A} Notes over Ramses II, Mummy's Curse, Howard Carter, King Tut, Egyptian Physicians, Chapter 1 / Questions.
8/29 ; Notes over Great Sphinx, Rosetta Stone, Sarcophagus, Paleopathology, Papyrus, Chromebook {Technology Research Project over Egypt.
830-31;  Video Ancient Egypt, {Technology Project over Egypt. 09/01; Review for test!
8/28; {Economics-C} Chromebook Economics in the News 8/29; Notes over Types of Economic Systems, Tangible Goods & Services, Economy Theory, Market & National Economics, Read Chapter 2.  8/29-9/01; College Career Investigation! {Chromebooks}.
8/28; {Civics-D1} Discussion over Civic Responsibility,Volunteerism, Chromebook Activity. 8/29; Chapter 1 / Worksheet 8/30; Discussion over Federal, State, Local News 8/31; Notes over Planning for the Future, Infrastructure, Master Plan, Chapter 2- Questions. 9/1; Notes over various types of taxes, Tax video.
8/28; {World History-D2} Notes over Ancient Egyptians, Pyramids, Great Sphinx, Egyptologist, Old Kingdom, Khufu, Check Student Notes. 8/29; Notes over Ramses II. Mummy's Curse, Howard Carter, King Tut, Work on Chapter 1 / Questions. 8/30; Video Ancient Egypt  8/31; Notes over Egyptian Physicians, Great Sphinx, Rosetta Stone, Sarcophagus,Paleopathology, Papyrus, Review for test! 9/1; Review for test!
09/04/2017 {World History-A} No School ! 09/05; Review for test ! [35 min.] Test!
09/06; Go over tests! Update Grades ! Notes over Geography of Greece, Importance of studying Greece, Reading Chapter 4  09/07; Notes over Minoan & Mycenaean Civilizations, Greek City-State, Daily Life in Athens, Peloponnesian War 09/08; Notes over Alexander the Great, Olympian Games, Greek Video.
09/04; {Economics-C} No School! 09/05; Notes over Opportunity Cost, Importance of Households, Firms, Foreign Decision-Makers, Chapter 2-Questions 09/06; Notes over International Trade, Imports & Exports, Median Income, Recession, Review for test 09/07; Review for test  09/08; Test ! Read Chapter 4-Demand, Distribute Economic Investigations Project. 
09/04; {Civics-D1} No School! 09/05; Notes & Discussion over challenges in various areas; Crime, Housing, Education 09/06; Notes & Discussion over Sources of Energy;
Petroleum, Natural Gas, Coal, Wind, Read Chapter 2 09/07; Review for test ! 09/08 Test! 
09/04; {World History-D2} No School ! 09/05-06; Review for test! 09/07; Test!
09/08; Go over test! Update Grades ! Notes over Geography of Greece, Importance of studying Greece, Read Chapter 4.
09/18;{World History-A}    Notes over Accomplishments of Caesar in Economics & Government, Ides of March,  Accomplishments of Augustus, Decline of Rome, Spartacus Film 09/19; Notes over Roman Family, Education, Recreation, The Colosseum, Spartacus Film 09/20;
Notes over Roman Engineering, The Pantheon, Barbarians Attack on Rome 09/21; Review with class, select teams for War Games 09/22; War Games Review !
09/18; {Economics-C} Notes over World Output, Mineral Deposits, Benefits of Trade, EU, U.S. Tariffs 09/19; Notes over Trade Restrictions, NAFTA, Trade Surplus & Deficit, Unilateral Transfers, Chapter 20-International Trade Questions 09/20-21; Review for test ! 09/22; Review for test ! Test ! 
09/18; {Civics-D1} Postponed from last week {Career Project Information} 09/19-20;Research on Career Paper !  09/21; Discussion over Roots of American Government, Greece, Rome,England, Clash of Views 09/22; Fox & Friends News Update & Discussion.
09/18; {World History-D2} Review for test ! 09/19; Test! 09/20; Go over tests! Update Grades ! Read Chapter 5-Ancient Rome 09/21; Notes over Republic of Rome,Roman Officials, Patricians, Plebeians,Roman Society, Tiberius Gracchus
09/22; Notes over Julius Caesar, Spartacus, Film, Spartacus.
10/02 {World History-A} [Behind Schedule on Notes] Notes over Bedouin, Mecca, Islam, Muhammad, Medina Compact, Quran, Principles of Islam 10/03; Notes over Abu Bakr, Caliphs, Umayyad Dynasty, Abbasids, Islamic Achievements, Muslim Doctors, Chapter 10/ Worksheet 10/4-05; Review for test!  10/06; Review for test [1st half of period] Test !
10/02 {Economics-C} Banking Transactions 10/03-05; Banking Transactions Continues 10/06; Review for test over Money & Banking.
10/02 {Civics-D1} Discussion over Iowa Government Book, Chapter 1/Iowa's Founding History 10/03; Discussion over Chapter 2 / Iowa Legislative Branch 10/04; Discussion over Chapter 3/ Iowa Executive Branch 10/05- Chapter 1-3 Worksheet
10/06; Finish Worksheets, Discussion Recent News.
10/02 {World History-D2} Notes over Reasons for Decline & Fall of Rome, Visigoths, Adrianople, Pompeii, Odoacer 10/03; Chapter 5 Worksheet 10/04-05; Review for test
10/06; Test !
10/16; {World History-A} Notes over Capetian Dynasty, Louis IX, Philip IV, Vikings,Life in the Castle, Robin Hood, Video over Robin Hood 10/17; Chapter 8 / Worksheet, Review for test! Crusades Map 10/18; Turn in Crusades Map, Review for test! 10/19; Review for test! Test ! 10/20; Go over tests ! Update Quarter Grades ! Finish Robin Hood!
10/16;{ Economics-C} Notes over Stocks & Bonds, Work on Economic Investigations #5 10/17; Turn in Economic Investigations #5, Chapter 12-Questions, Review for test!
10/18; Turn in Chapter 12/ Questions, Review for test ! 10/19; Review, Test! 10/20; Go over tests & Quarter Grades ! Food Day !
10/16; {Civics-D1} Chapter 4 / Discussion Iowa Judicial Branch, Supreme Court of Iowa, Court of Appeals, Criminal Cases, Civil Cases, Chapter 4/Questions 10/17; Discussion over Chapter 5/ Boards, Commissions, Councils of Iowa 10/18; Discussion over Chapter 6/ Local Governments of Iowa, Mayor-Council, Commission, Elected Officials 10/19-20; Reward "Movie" to end 1st Quarter!
10/16; {World History-D2} Notes over Bedouin, Mecca, Muhammad, Quran, Principles of Islam 10/17; Chapter 10/ Worksheet 10/18; Islam Map Assignment, Notes over Rightly Guided Caliphs, Shiites, Sunnis, Umayyad & Abbasid Dynasties
10/19; Collect Maps! Notes over Islamic Achievements, House of Wisdom, Canon of Medicine, Calligraphy, Arabeques 10/20; Review for test! Update Quarter Grades!
10/30; {World History-A} Review / Test !  10/31; Go over tests! Update Grades !
11/01; Notes over Italian Renaissance, Humanism, Erasmus, Thomas More, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Predestination 11/02; Notes over Henry VIII, Catherine, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Tower of London, Council of Regency 11/03; No School!
10/30; {Government-C} Review for test ! 10/31; Review for test! 11/01; Test! 11/02; Go over tests! Notes over County Government & Services, Sources of County Government,Functions of School Districts, Special Districts.
10/30;{Civics-D1} Discussion of Chapter 10/ Parliamentary Procedure, Robert's Rules of Order 10/31; Discussion over Main Motion, Lay on the Table, Postponement, Object to Consideration, Point of Order 11/01; Worksheet/Questions over Parliamentary Procedure 11/02; Discussion of Chapter 11/Video
10/30; {World History-D2} Chapter 7 / Worksheet 10/31; Notes over Benedict, Monte Cassino, Cardinals, Heresy, Excommunication, Inquisition 11/01; Anglo-Saxons, Alfred the Great, William the Conqueror, Battle of Hastings 11/02; Video over Battle of Hastings.11/03; No School !
11/13; {World History-A} Go over tests ! Update grades ! Notes over French Estates, Causes of French Revolution 11/14; Notes over Reign of Terror, Robespierre, Results of French Revolution, Unicameral Legislature, Spectrum of French Politics 11/15; Chapter 18 Worksheet 11/16; Notes over Conscription, Talleyrand, Directory, Napoleon, Goals of Napoleon, Treaty of Amiens, Battle of Trafalgar 11/17; Video over Napoleon.
11/13; {Government-C} Review for test ! Test !  11/14; Go over tests! Update grades ! Notes over U.S. Foreign Policy, Goals, Role of National Security Council 11/15; Notes over CIA, Department of State, Video 11/16; Chapter 17-Worksheet, Notes over U.S. Foreign Service 11/17; Video over Foreign Service, Distribute JFK Project Papers 
11/13; {Civics-D1} Class is behind schedule, continue with Parliamentary Procedure Discussion 11/14; Video over Parliamentary Procedure 11/15; Discussion of Chapter 11 / Mass Media 11/16; Discussion of Chapter 12/ Voting and Elections 11/17; Chapter 11/12 Question Assignment.
11/13; {World History-D2} Review for test ! 11/14; Test !  11/15; Go over tests! Update grades ! Discuss Outlines over the Crusades  11/16; Notes over
Causes of the 1st Crusade, Pope Urban II, Infidels, Knights Hospitallers, Siege of Antioch, Peter Bartholomew, Jerusalem 11/17; Notes over 2nd Crusade, Edessa, Dorylaeum, Damascus, Nur-ed-din, 3rd Crusade, Frederick Barbarossa, Saladin, Phillip II of France.
  11/20; {World History-A} Review for test! Test!  11/21; Go over tests! Update Grades! Notes over Causes of W.W.I., Western-Eastern Fronts, New Weapons
11/22; Notes over Battle of the Marne, Ypres, Gallipoli, Lusitania, Zimmermann Note
11/23-24; No School! Thanksgiving Break!
11/20; {Government-C} Notes over Department of Defense, Triad Concept, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Treaties & Defense Policy, Salt 1&2, Question Assignment 11/21-22; JFK Project 11/23-24; No School! Thanksgiving Break!
11/20; {Civics-D1} Discussion over Chapter 13 / Citizenship 11/21-22;  Citizenship Websites Project  11/23-24; No School ! Thanksgiving Break!
11/20; {World History-D2} Notes over Battle at Arsuf, 4th Crusade, Effects of the Crusades, Scholasticism 11/21; Notes over Black Death, Hundred Years War, Battles of Crecy, Agincourt, Orleans 11/22; Video over Hundred Years War 11/23-24; No School! Thanksgiving Break !
12/04; {World History-A} Review for test ! Test !  12/05; Go over tests! Notes over the rise of Hitler, Nazi Party, Nuremberg Laws 12/06; Notes over Night of Broken Glass, Gestapo, SS, Auschwitz 12/07; Video over Auschwitz, Notes over Buchenwald, Dachau, Sobibor 12/08; Work on Holocaust Speeches & Maps.
12/04; {Government-C} Notes over Precinct, Nominations in Politics, Recall, Review 
12/05; Chapter 5-7 Worksheets, Presidential Debate 12/06; 2016 Presidential Debate, Review for test 12/07; Review for test ! Test ! 12/08; Notes over the Constitution.
12/04; {Civics-D1} Discussion over 8 / Textbook "How a Bill Becomes a Law" 12/05-06; Video -Ways to be a good citizen with video "Radio" 12/07; Discussion of recent news events 12/08; Discussion over Chapter 9 
12/04; {World History-D2} Notes over Renaissance, Humanism, Luther, Calvin
12/05; Notes over Henry VIII & his 6 wifes 12/06 Video "Life in a Tudor Home"
12/07; Chapter 13/ Worksheet 12/08; Notes over Queen Mary I & Elizabeth, Absolutism, James I, Guy Fawkes
12/18; {World History-A} Notes over Australia, New Zealand, African Nationalism,Modern History of Algeria, Congo, Kenya, Angola, South Africa 12/19; Notes over Modern History of the Middle East, Shiites, Sunnis, Chapter 31/32 Worksheet, 12/20; Review for test ! 12/21 Review, Test ! 12/22; Update Grades, Go over tests!
12/18; {Government-C} Go over tests! Notes over Tasks & Characteristics of Government, Origin Theories of Government, Forms of Government, Laissez-Faire Theory, Mixed Economy, Communist Theory, Difference Between Socialism & Communism, Containment 12/19; Open Book Worksheet, Review for test ! 12/20; Review for test! 12/21; Review, Test ! 12/22; Go over tests! Update Grades !
12/18; {Civics-D1} Fox & Friends News Update 12/19; Discussion over Chapter 19/ Laws and Our Society, Protecting Safety & Property, Laws & Morals 12/20; Discussion on How Laws Are Organized, Changing the Law, Criminal & Civil Law
12/21; Chapter 19 / Worksheet 12/22; Go over Chapter 19 Worksheet, Update Grades !
12/18; {World History-D2} Review for test !  12/19; Review for test! 12/20; Test ! 12/21; Go over tests! Check notes for points! Update Grades! 12/22; History Video!
01/08; {U.S. History-A&C} Notes over Columbus, Ponce de Leon, Balboa, Cortes, Magellan, Verrazano, Pizarro, Cartier, De Vaca, Coronado 01/09; Work on Chapter 1 Questions first half of class, turn in assignment, Notes over St. Augustine, Fl., Castillo de San Marcos, Sir Walter Raleigh, Jamestown, John Smith, Pocahontas, John Rolfe
01/10; Chapter 1 -Worksheet 01/11; Notes over Champlain, Henry Hudson, Mayflower, Pilgrims, Squanto, Review for test! 01/12; Review fort test!
01/08; {Government-B} Notes over Criminal/Civil Law, Justice Dept., The Constitution & Crimes, Supreme Court Decisions; Brown v. Board of Education,
Gideon v. Wainwright, Escobedo v. Illinois, Miranda v. Arizona, Katz v. U.S. 01/09; Notes over Stages of Criminal Justice, Development of Police & key functions 01/10; Chapter 18/20 Open Book Worksheets 01/11; Notes over State Police, Hwy. Patrol, Murder 1st & 2nd Degree, State Supreme Court of Iowa, Restorative Justice, Global Criminal Axis, Kinds of Law in State Courts, Crime Video 01/12; Review for test.
01/08; {Civics-D1} Notes over American Democracy Principles, Diversity of Americans, Patriotism, Video 01/09; Notes over Civic Responsibilities, Duties of Citizens, Volunteerism, Chapter 1 / Questions 01/10; Chapter 1 / Worksheet 01/11; Notes over Public Policies, EPA Inspector, Infrastructure, Zoning Board 01/12; Fox & Friends News Update, Discussion.
01/08; {World History-D2} Notes over Napoleon, Goals of Napoleon, Battle of Trafalgar, Invasion of Russia, Leipzig, Waterloo, Death of Napoleon 01/09; Chapter 18 -Worksheet 01/10-12 Video "The Count of Monte Cristo."
01/22; {U.S. History- A &C}Incentive Day, No Class! 01/23; Review for test !
01/24; Test ! 01/25; Go over tests! Update Grades ! Notes over Causes of the American Revolution, George Washington as Commander, Battle of Lexington, Concord, Breed's Hill, Ticonderoga 01/26; Notes over Ben Franklin, Declaration of Independence, Benedict Arnold, Battles of Trenton & Princeton, Video.
01/22; {Government-B} Incentive Day, No Class! 01/23; Chapter 16/25 Questions & Worksheet 01/24; Review for test ! 01/25; Test ! 01/26; Go over tests! Update Grades! Notes over American Foreign Policy, Goals, Role of National Security Council,CIA, Department of State.
01/22; {Civics-D1} Incentive Day, No School! 01/23; Review for test ! 01/24; Test!
01/25; Go over tests! Update Grades ! Career Paper Project {Chrome-books} 01/26; Career Paper Project.
01/22; {World History-D2} Incentive Day, No School! 01/23; Review for test! 01/24; Review for test! 01/25; Test ! 01/26; Go over tests! Update Grades! Read Chapter 24.
02/05; {U.S. History-A & C} War Games Review 02/06; Revolutionary War Test
02/07; Go over tests ! Update Grades ! Notes over Constitutional Convention, Articles of Confederation, George Washington as our 1st President 02/08; Notes over 1st Cabinet, Hamilton & Financial Program, Jay & Pinckney Treaties, Adams as our 2nd President 02/09; Notes over Jefferson & Louisiana Purchase, Lewis & Clark Expedition, Zeb Pike, Video over "Lewis & Clark".
02/05-07; {Government-B} JFK Project  02/08; Notes over NATO, Cold War, United Nations, General Assembly, Security Council 02/09; Chapter 17 / Worksheet {changed from last week}
02/05; {Civics-D1} Chapter 2 / Discussion over the Family, Education, Government Meeting Society's Needs 02/06; Discussion over Forms of Government, Rules of Government, Political Socialization, Chapter 2 Questions 02/07; Chapter 2Worksheet 02/08-09; Film: Radio.
02/05; {World History-D2} Notes over Battle of Isandlwania, Khartoum, Gen. Gordon, Treaty of Nanking, The Boxer Rebellion 02/06; Video: Rise of the Zulu Nation 02/07; Video; Boxer Rebellion 02/08; Review for test 02/09; Test !
02/19; {U.S. History-A &C} Notes over President Jackson & the Spoils System, Indian Resettlement Act, Blackhawk War, Trail of Tears, Depression of 1837, American Fur Company, Map Assignment 02/20; Notes over Mountain Men; Jeremiah Johnston, John Colter, Jedediah Smith. James Beckwourth, Jim Bridger, Kit Carson, Settlement of Texas, Chapter 9-Worksheet 02/21; Notes over Texas Revolution, Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, San Jacinto, Reasons for the Mexican War 02/22-23; Movie "The Alamo."
02/19; {Government-B} 2016 Presidential Debate 02/20; Notes over Precinct, Patronage, Nominations in Politics, Primary, Caucus, Convention, Self-Announcement, Recall 02/21; Chapter 5-7 Worksheet  02/22; Review for test 02/23; 
Test !
02/19; {Civics-D1} Discussion of film "Radio" 02/20; Discussion over Chapter 5 / Creating the Constitution, Three Branches of Government 02/21; Chapter 5 / Worksheet 02/22; Discussion over Chapter 6 / Bill of Rights, Protection of Individual Freedoms, Students & Free Speech 02/23; Chapter 6 / Worksheet
02/19; {World History-D2} Notes over Lusitania, Zimmermann Note, No-Man's Land, Trench Warfare, Battle of Verdun, Eugene Bullard 02/20; Video "W.W.I. in Color 02/21; Chapter 26-Worksheet 02/22; Notes over Battle of the Somme, Battle of Jutland, Mata Hari, Lafayette Escadrille, Red Baron, Battle of Meuse-Argonne 02/23; Video continues "W.W.I. in Color."
03/05; {U.S. History-A &C} Notes over Causes of the Civil War, Advantages for North & South, Strategies, Battles at Ft. Sumter, Lexington, Ft. Donelson, Shiloh, Fredericksburg, Video "Civil War"  03/06; Video "Civil War" 03/07; Chapter 11/ Worksheet 03/08; Notes over Battles at Stones River, Gettysburg, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Brices Cross Road, Antietam, Vicksburg, Appomattox Court House, Review for test ! 03/09; Review for Civil War Test !
03/05; {Government-B} Go over tests ! Notes over Basic Tasks of Government, Forms of Government, Concepts of Democracy, Wealth of Nations, Mixed Economy, Communist Theory, Functions of Russia's Government 03/06; Notes over Socialism, Capitalism, Containment, Parliamentary Form of Government, Presidential Form of Government 03/07; Chapters' 1/22/23 Worksheet 03/08; Review for test ! 03/09; Review, Test ! 
03/05; {Civics-D1} Finish Projects over Countries of the World 03/06; Discussion over Iowa Legislative Branch/Chapter 2 / Iowa Govt. & Politics Book 03/07; Discussion over Chapter 3 / Iowa Executive Branch 03/08; Chapter 1-3/ Worksheets
03/09; Chapter 1-3 Worksheets.
03/05; {World History-D2} W.W.I. / War Games Review 03/06-08; War Games Review 03/09; W.W.I. Test !
03/26; {U.S. History-{ A&C}  Notes over John Hardin, Wild Bill Hickok, Buffalo Bill Cody, Bat Masterson, Lincoln County War, Billy the Kid, Alan Pinkeraton, Calamity Jane, Belle Starr, Johnson County War 03/27; Wild West Slides, Notes, Chapter Questions 03/28; Work on Wild West Maps 03/29; Notes over Red Clouds War, Kiowa-Comanche War, Battle of the Little Bighorn, Gen. Custer Nez Perce, Apache War, Cochise, Geronimo 03/30; Review slides/ test over slides.
03/26; {Economics-B} College/Career Paper Project 03/27; College/Career Project
03/28; Notes over Importance of Households, Women & the Workplace, Foreign-Decision Makers, International Trade, Recession 03/29; Notes over Median Income, Social Insurance, Cash-Transfer Programs, Earned-Income Tax Credit 03/30; Chapter 1 / Worksheet, Review for test!
03/26; {Civics-D1} Chapter 6/ Postponed from last week, Discussion of Local Governments in Iowa, County elected officials, Finances 03/27; Chapter 6 / Worksheet -3/28; News Video 03/29; Discussion over Chapter 7 / Education, Schools Boards, Homeschooling, Board of Regents, State Board of Education, Private Colleges & Universities 03/30; Assign one college/university to a student, research on chromebook.
03/26; {World History-D2}Video "Escape from Sobibor" 03/27; Video "Escape from Sobibor" 03/28; Chapter 28/29 Worksheet 03/29; Notes over Bergen-Belsen, Treblinka, Mauthaausen, Sachsenhausen, Ravensbruck 03/30; Book Report Project work day.
04/09; {U.S. History-A &C} Go over tests ! Update grades ! Finish film ! 04/10; Notes over President McKinley, Open Door Policy, Boxer Rebellion, Assassination of McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt as President, Square Deal, Panama Canal 04/11; Chapter 17/18 Questions, due at end of class! 04/12; Chapter 17/18 Worksheet 04/13; 11th Decorate for Prom ! 
04/09; {Economics-B} Test for 11th grade, 12th grade took on Friday, Go over tests during second half of class 04/10; Notes over Demand, Substitution Effect, Elasticity of Demand, Gas Prices, OPEC, Changes in Consumer Expectations, Profit, Chapter 4 / Demand Questions 04/11; Notes over Elasticity of Supply, Fixed Resources, Marginal Product, John Schnatter, Ebay, Market Equilibrium, Surplus, Shortage
04/12; Chapter 5/ Supply Worksheet 04/13; Economic Investigations #2
04/09; {Civics-D1} Private Colleges and Universities in Iowa Project Paper on Chromebook 04/09; Project continues 04/10; Discussion of Chapter 8 / Political Parties in Iowa 04/11; Chapter 8 / Questions, Due at end of class! 04/12; News Video
04/09; {World History-D2} Notes over Sachsenhausen, Ravensbruck,{didn't cover last week}, Plaszow, Oskar Schindler, Babi Yar, Dina Pronicheva, Reska Weiss 04/10; Chapter 29 Worksheet  04/11; Notes over Klaus Barbie, Nuremberg, Simon Wiesental, The Great Escape, Sagan 04/12; Great Escape Video 04/13; Book Report Work Day!
04/23; {U.S. History- A&C} No class! Walk/Community Service 04/24; Notes over Japanese Plot for W.W.II., Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, Palawan, Burma-Siam Railroad, Bridge over the River Kwai, Merrill's Marauders, Battle of Midway, Guadalcanal, Sullivan Brothers, Chapter 23-Questions 04/25; Notes over Carlson's Raiders, Battle of Leyte Gulf, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Hiroshima, Nagaski, Japan Surrenders 04/26; No class ! 11th Grade field trip! 04/27; Notes over W.W.II. in Europe, Goals of Hitler, SS & Gestapo, Third Reich, Nazi Youth Groups, Invasion of Poland, Battle of Britain
04/23; {Economics-B} No class !  04/24; Test! [changed from last week] 04/25; Go over tests! Notes over Money & Banking, Functions of Money, Federal Reserve System, Savings & Loan, U.S. Treasury, Board of Governors, Savings & Time Deposits
04/25; Notes over Mutual Funds, Money Market Accounts, Debit/Credit Cards 04/26; Economic Investigations #4 for 12th Grade/ 11th grade field trip 04/27; Banking Transaction Worksheets 
04/23; {Civics-D1} No class ! 04/24-25; Work on 2016 Election Issues Paper 04/26; Discussion over Chapter 10/ Parliamentary Procedure [changed from last week] 04/27; Video  
04/23; {World History-D2} No class! 4/24-25; Review for test ! [changed from last week] 4/26; Test !  4/27; Book Report Work Day.
05/07; {U.S. History-A & C} Review for W.W.II. Test-Part Two, Test ! 05/08; Go over W.W.II. Tests, Notes over President Truman, Fair Deal, Marshall Plan, Korean War, Eisenhower as President, Summit Conference, McCarthyism, Explorer I, Eisenhower Doctrine, U2 05/09; Notes over JFK & the New Frontier, Space Program, Cuba & Bay of Pigs, Assassination, Warren Commission, LBJ as President, Vietnam, Tet Offensive 05/10; Chapters 25-33 Questions, Notes over Nixon as President, Moon Landing, Kent State, Detente, U.S. leaves Vietnam, Watergate, Nixon's Pardon 05/11; History Vietnam Video
05/07; {Economics-B} Go over tests! Update Grades ! Notes over Auto Insurance, Liablility, Collision, No-Fault, Auto Discounts 05/08; Notes & Packets over Property Insurance 05/09; Property Insurance continued, Figure Premiums 05/10; Chapter 12 / Questions, Notes over Life & Health Insurance 05/11; Insurance Video
05/07; {Civics-D1} Discussion over Chapter 11/ Mass Media, Political Functions with Media, Media Bias, Iowa Political Media 05/08; Research Iowa Media Websites & complete paper 05/09; Finish paper & turn in 05/10; Chapter 12 / Voting & Elections, Gerrymandering, Incumbency, Chapter 12 / Questions 05/11; Discussion of recent news events, Fox & Friends News 
05/07; {World History-D2} Notes over Africa continue from last week, ran out of time 05/08; Notes over Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Al Queda, House of Saud, Problems/Benefits Living in Saudi Arabia 05/09; Chapter 32/Worksheet 05/10; Notes over Palestine, PLO, Six-Day War, Hamas, Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, Iraq War
05/11; Book Project Work Day