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This web pages is a weekly blog of what is happening here at the high school. It is entirely reflective of the goings on in the resource room. I will make sure this page is always available with tools to assist students and parents and make this school year successful.


2/13 - 16 Week 6
Parent Teacher Conference WEEK!!!!!! It is the week you've been looking forward to. Stop by Tuesday or Thursday to discuss current conditions of your student's grade or just for a visit. State Wrestling is Thursday- Saturday in Des Moines and District Speech next Saturday at East

1/23 - 1/27 - Week 4
 The first grade drop has happened here for the students. Hopefully the 3rd quarter blues has stayed away for everyone with this beautiful weather we have been having. Both District Speech contest and wrestling happened on Saturday. I am so happy to report that in speech two Improv groups made it to state on Feb 4th!! Way to go kids

1/17 -1/20 Week 3

Grades will be due this week. Students have Monday off and this will be the first grade drop of the 2nd semester!! 

1/4 - 1/6 Week 1
Welcome back students!!! This is week on of the 2nd semester. There are lots of fun and exciting things going on this semester. We will have a student teacher Miss Slocum is here with us from Central Michigan University. 

1/30 - 2/3 Week 5
Iowa Assessments are HERE!!!!!!!!!!!Seniors need to be at school by 10:15

12/19-12/22 Week 18
Semester Test Week!!!!! Wednesday and Thursday mark the end of the semester students will be given two half days here to complete their semester tests. Then it is off for Christmas break. If a student needs to make up a credit they should set up a Winter School with Mr. Dirkx.

12/5-12/9 Week 16
Time to start thinking about SEMESTER TESTS!!!! The list is currently out for students to see if they need to prepare for semester tests based on their previous Iowa Assessment scores. Attendance is also factored in so if a student misses too many days of school they will need to attend on those semester tests days.

11/21 Week 14
Mid Terms!!! Students have reached midterms of the 2nd quarter already! This is very exciting because it breaks down like a 2 minute warning. It's time to suck up buttercup and get those grades pulled into the passing zone. To top is all it is an short week. Students only have 2 full days and 1 half day to accomplish all they can.

11/14 Week 13
Our first grade drop has happened! Sporting events are starting this week too. Students in both junior high and high school have started basketball and wrestling. Junior high have games starting this week while high school are practicing. Voc Rehab will be here to meet with juniors and seniors on Friday.

11/07 Week 12
Week 3 of the 2nd Quarter! This week is very important for both staff and students because it is about to be grade drop. This will help set the tone for the remaining quarter and the rest of the semester.  

10/17 Week 9
Welcome to week 9!!! We made it to the end of the first quarter! By now the students have figured out how everything works and how much more work they have to put into things. JH football and JH cross country have finished and now those students are given an extra study hall that alternates with PE. Please keep in mind the senior fundraiser country music jamboree it will be December 10th. Tickets are on sale now for $10 in advanced and $12 at the door. 

10/10 - Week 8
Welcome to Parent Teacher Week!!! This is a fast fun filled week. Students do get a little nervous this week but they seem to be extra helpful and motivated to get all their homework done. We will  be having two half days this week and Friday is no school. Seniors will also be gone on Wednesday for their first quarter trip. We will be heading to Crouse Cafe, to participate in the Student Meals from the Heartland challenge and will finish our day with bowling. 
An update on our Opry show - we will have tickets printed soon!

10/03 - Week 7
This is the last week before Parent Teacher Conferences! Students are working very hard to increase their grades before Mom and Dad head to school. Speech has started here at school too it is very exciting to see all the students starting to come up with ideas for this years movie.

09/19 - Week 5
Homecoming Week!!!! Excitement fills the air around the school this week. 
Monday - Class color day
Tuesday- America Day
Wednesday - 'er/'or Day
Thursday- Olympics Day
Friday- Green and White Day

The events around the community really kick off this Sunday with the parade and powder puff game. It should be a wonderful week with plenty of school pride showing. 

09/12 - Week 4
First grade drop happened over this weekend. Hopefully everyone has survived. Homecoming court was announced this week as well. Next week we will have themed school days starting Monday with class color day. Thursday we will be having Probe Day! The brownie tray for the kids is almost filled so everyone is very excited!!

09/06 - Week 3
 Here we go week 3!!. The school year it in full swing now. Things are going very well and the student have handled their first week of quizzes very well. This week the high schoolers will have their first history test!!! Please if you have a sophomore or junior talk to them about their notes and this test that will take place on Thursday. The seniors leadership team will also take a day trip to a leadership conference on Thursday.


My name is Fran Isley. This is my 7th year here at Southeast Warren. I am usually in the Resource room but can also be found in the math room. At home I have been married to my high school sweetheart for the past 11 years. I also have to beautiful smart funny kind hearted children. I received my undergraduate degree from Northwest Missouri State University and my masters from Morningside. 
Other things about me are.... 
Family: Eric (husband) Summer (6 year old daughter) Logan (3 year old son)
Drake Lolo (Dogs) and Peaches (Turtle)
Hobbies: Running, baking, watching football, basketball, and baseball, boating, fishing
NFL - Patriots
NCAA- FB Michigan BB Kentucky - Bearcats
Pie- Peach
Color - Blue
Holiday - 4th of July