Upcoming Events 

9/24 Hearing screenings for k-3rd graders.

9/26 Food pantry open from 4:30-6:30 in Liberty Center.  

9/28 Sharing.  1st graders may bring one item that fits into their backpack to show and tell on this day. They will tell where they got it, where they keep it, and what makes it special to them.  
Every Wednesday is a 1:30 early dismissal.


9/22 Every Monday a homework paper will come home.  Please check your child's folder each night.  Homework is due the following Monday.  If you do not have time during the week, please make it up over the weekend. Thanks for your help!

 Contact information

school phone:


9/22  Our reader story in our Journey's book this week is called Gus Takes the Train.  We will review the short u sound in words such as mud, jug, tub, bus, and sub.  Our words to know are - friend, hold, full, many, good, and pull.  Our grammar skill is adjectives.  


9/22 Spelling will begin in late October.

Mrs. Crowe's class would love a bag of Skittles.  Thank you!

Feel free to send snacks anytime. It is nice to have a surplus!   Please remember that all snacks that come to school need to be nut free and not processed in a facility where nuts have been used.  Thank you for reading the labels!


9/22 In math, we are starting a new topic called Understanding Subtraction.  Students will find the missing part of a whole number (ex. If there are 9 dogs and 5 are inside, how many dogs are outside?)

              Social Studies  

9/22 In Social Studies,we are starting a new unit called Work in the Community.  Students will learn the difference between wants and needs.    

                Daily Schedule

8:10-8:20 Silent Reading and Opening Activities
8:20-9:15 Math
9:15-9:30 Recess
9:35-10:15 PE, Art, Music, or Keyboarding
10:15-11:10 Reading
11:10-11:40 Lunch
11:40-12:05 Recess
12:10-1:10 Reading Rotations
1:10-1:25 Recess
1:30-2:00 Guidance, Library, or Writing
2:00-2:30 Reading Camp
2:30-3:00 Social Studies/Science
3:00-3:20 Milk/Snack/Story
3:20 Prepare for Dismissal