Upcoming Events

May 24 -Friendship Fair program at 9:30. Children may leave with their parents/ Early dismissal
May 25 - Early dismissal/End of quarter/Last day of 1st grade


5/22 The fluency binder log is due Monday. We do not have homework this week. The binders may stay home! 
Fast Scores

Fast scores are coming home today (5/19).  The top sheet shows your child's scores for the year.  Highlighted scores indicate areas where he or she did not meet benchmark.
The attached sheet has a graph of all first graders.  Look for the circled number that indicates your child's class rank based on their composite score. This graph also shows your child's growth from fall to spring.  
All children have shown growth!  We are proud of all their hard work.  Thank you for reading and doing homework! Please continue to read together this summer.


5/22 We will be reading the last story in our Frog and Toad All Year book - Christmas Eve.  Then we will spend the our last days reading about Mexico.  


5/22 We do not have spelling this week.



5/22 We will continue our unit on Fractions.  

                    Social Studies     

5/22 We will be learning about Mexico. The students will make maracas, learn about animals and plants of Mexico, and learn to say words in Spanish. 

Daily Schedule

8:15-8:30 Silent Reading and Opening Activities
8:30-9:25 Reading
9:25-9:40 Recess
9:40-10:20 Math
10:20-10:55 PE, Art, Music or Library 
10:55-11:10 Math Facts
11:10-11:40 Lunch
11:40-12:00 Recess
12:00-12:20 Fluency Building (Binders)
12:20-12:50 Social Studies/Science/Guidance
12:50-1:20 Reading Interventions
1:25-1:40 Recess
1:40-2:40 Reading Rotations/Keyboarding
2:40-3:00 Milk/Snack/Story
3:00-3:10 Prepare for Dismissal