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Music Boosters meet the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6:30 PM in the Choir Room
All music parents/guardians are automatically members - come any time and share ideas
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Upcoming Trip
 HS Band Trip - Nov. 8-13, 2019
to New York City
to march in the Veteran's Day Parade
We have been officially accepted with a letter from NYC!
* Watch for reminders for your online payments (current grades 8-11 in Band / Choir)

High School Band - Had an extended Marching Band Season due to final 4 playoffs
                with our Football Team - Historic and exciting!
                * Marching Band Awards Concert - Nov. 1, 2018
                * Pep Band Season - has begun - See below for guidelines:

PEP BAND 2018-2019
Some JV games begin at 5:00 this year, but others at 6:00 PM. Band needs to be in the seats by game time, with instruments ready.
(Varsity games start at 6:30 or 7:30 PM accordingly)
* Be in the gym band section with 2 minutes left on the clock, ready to play when the buzzer hits "0".
* Pep band performs at 1/2 time of the JV game, between games, and 1/2 time of the Varsity game.
* Please have music ready, as written on the sheets prior to the game. Don't fake it!
* Pep band members who are performing are allowed to enter w/o paying.
PLEASE do not let your friends or family enter with you via the bandroom door for free! This will ruin our priviledge!
Sat. Dec. 8 - Carey - Boys 5:00 / Moved to Feb. 14
Thurs. Dec. 13 - Ridgedale - Boys 6:00
Tues. Dec. 18 - Col Crawford - Girls 6:00
Fri. Dec. 21 - Bucyrus - Boys 6:00
Sat. Dec. 22 - Col. Crawford - Boys 5:00 with ALUMNI!
Thurs. Jan. 10 - Wynford - Boys 6:00
Sat. Jan. 12 - Plymouth - Boys 5:00 (rescheduled from Dec. 1)
Tues. Jan. 22 - Bucyrus - Girls 6:00
Thurs. Jan. 24 - Buckeye Central - Boys 6:00
Fri. Feb. 8 - Upper Sandusky - Boys 6:00
Sat. Feb. 9 - Mohawk - Boys 5:00 8th Grade Band Joins!
Tues. Feb. 19 - Old Fort - Boys 6:00
BONUS - Friday Feb. 1 - Mohawk - Girls - 6:00 Senior Night
* Each pep band is to report for their required 6 home games which includes one girls' game to receive full credit for participating.
* If you are unable to play on your night, please switch with someone on the opposite band with your part.
* Anyone may play on the other band's night; You can play for ALL GAMES :-)
* Wear an S.E. BAND-related shirt to play in the pep band, unless you are a cheerleader,
B-ball player in uniform, or are dressing for the night's theme.
* Students may sit in the gym bleachers during quarters, but may not hang out in the band room, or leave the school.
*as long as you are in the band section with 2 minutes left on the clock, ready to play when the buzzer hits "0".
Please come to play for the ALUMNI PEP BAND GAME - They need your help to sound good!!!

2018-19 Pep Band Roster
Director - Mrs. Dana Willman
Jillian Allgyre - FCAMegan RifeATaylor GreilichA
Mallory Beamer - FCBKristina SkidmoreBDrew SteinmetzB
Camryn HarbenANoah MichaelsBEli HansenA
Lacie CostelloBAutumn EndersAKaitlyn DanielB
Emily BollingerBJack FayAon teamGrant Collins (sousa)B
Tori FritzABryce ReiterB
Morgan CoryB
Erin KelbleyASNARES - 5
MELLOPHONES - 3Zachary AllgyreA,B
Thomas Lynch ALexi CheekA
CLARINETS - 5Briley BrookesBDouglas FalterB
Alexis KelbleyASusie Barraza AKatrina WilliamsB
Chayenne PowersBLauryn GreenA
Winnie SnookATROMBONES - 3
Grace BiglinBParker SellATENORS - 1
Jordan KieselBNadine DarkowBMadison BeardA,B
Mikayla MichaelsB
ALTO SAXES - 5Ally BridgfordARozie BarrazaA
Emily YoungAMalayna GahrisBMichael SmithB
Hannah MichelBKollin FrankartBDominique HallA
Hailey WolfeAOwen BeamerAKayla FelterB
Gwen JohnstonBAustin ButlerA,B
Kiersten Cook ASOUSAPHONES - 3
Emily WillmanA
TENOR SAX - 3Aiden WhiteB
Cassie HartzellAJessica BowermanA
Mason WillmanB
Amelia BoesAYour Final Pep Band letter grade is weighted
x 6 once the season ends
Madelyn BeckmanB2018-19 Grades:Grade:
More than 5 games +1 or +2 girls games, OR 5 boys +2 girls A+
5+1 Girls A
5 only OR 4 + 2 GirlsA-
4 + 1 GirlsB+
4 onlyB
3 + 2 GirlsB-
3 + 1 GirlsC+
3 onlyC
2 + 2 GirlsC-
2 + 1 GirlsD+
2 OnlyD
1 or zero games F

5th and 6th Grade Bands &Jr. High Band - Christmas Concert - Sun. Dec. 16, 2018  Nicely Done!

Happy  Holidays!
-Mrs. Willman (Band) & Mr. Schultz (Choir)

See what's been going on at the Seneca East Music Booster Face Book page!  https://www.facebook.com/senecaeastmusicboosters/


Performance are required events, and as such are graded like a test - 100 points.  
                    Students are expected to attend and to perform with these ensembles as a team effort.
                    Thank you to parents and friends and family for attending these parades and concerts to help 
                        show the students how important it is to be a part of a group and to work towards perfection.


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