I'm delighted to serve you as a proud member of the CCA faculty. I myself am a SDUHSD grad with 8 years of service within the district. I wholeheartedly commit to you my eagerness and enthusiasm for thinking and learning. I hope you will appreciate and come to embrace the following synopsis of my teaching philosophy:
        "There is a war going on for your mind -- if you are thinking, you are winning." (Flobots)
        "A good teacher shows you where to look but not what to see." (Anon.)
        "There is, and will always be, a platypus." (Mr. Brown)
Contact Information
zachary.brown@sduhsd.net (858) 350-0253  x4105

Period 1 Prep

Period 2 AP English Language and Composition

Period 3 AP English Language and Composition

Period 4 AP English Language and Composition

Envision Conservatory for the Humanities