Welcome 'Class of 2020' to Mr. Norris' United States History Class.
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     The following is a ROUGH outline of how our semester breaks down:
         Week 1:         Enlightenment and the Constitution

Week 2:         Civil War and Reconstruction

Week 3:         Frontier and Industrial “Gilded” Age

Week 4:         Immigrants and Urbanization

Week 5:         Progressive Era and Reform, 3rd QTR MIDTERM-Civil War to 1900                      

Week 6:         U.S. as World Power

Week 7:         World War I and the first Red Scare

Week 8:         The 20’s, Crash and Depression

Week 9:         New Deal and Looming War

Week 10:       Review. 3rd QTR FINAL EXAM-1900 to 1930’s

Week 11:       The United States in World War II

Week 12:       World War II and Post-War

Week 13:       The 50’s and Civil Rights

Week 14:       JFK, Civil Rights, Vietnam

Week 15:       Vietnam and Social Change, 4th QTR MIDTERM-1940 to 1970’s

Week 16:       Social Change, Nixon, The 70’s, Watergate  

Week 17:       Ford-Carter, Reagan Revolution

Week 18:       Bush to Bush, 9/11 attacks, War on Terrorism

Week 19:       U.S.A. Today, 4th QTR FINAL EXAM 1970’s-Present

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