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Senior Package Class of 2020: The package includes a t-shirt, sweatpants, and a lanyard. The cost per package is $35 with the ASB sticker and $40 without! The form is due September 3rd at the Student Store! All proceeds help fund senior events!

TP ASB 2019-2020


President: Addison Gonzalez

Vice-President: Ian King

Secretary: Kate Rothman

Treasurer: Chuck Livingston

School Board Representative: Cole Parker

Senior Class

President: Sheridan O’Coyne

Vice-President: Jordan Chodorow

Secretary: Sofia King

Treasurer: Courtney Wayland

Junior Class

President: Danyca Solo

Vice-President: Zander Samarasinghe

Secretary: Liz Trask

Treasurer: Logan Gutzwiller

Sophomore Class

President: Brycen Monjazeb

Vice-President: Tatum O’coyne

Secretary: Jaydan Kaplan

Treasurer: Sean Jabbar

ASB Commissioners

Commissioner of Spirit: Mia Kohn

Assistant: Ryan Jackel

Commissioner of Academics: Sophia Serrano

Assistant: Julia Liu

Commissioner of Philanthropy: Sasha Lewis

Assistant: Andrew Tracey

Commissioner of Clubs: Peyton Parker

Assistant: Chloe Briggs

Commissioner of Publicity: Lily Ellingson 

Assistant: Olivia Acers

Commissioner of Activities:  Channing Mcgee & Stella Bruce 

Assistant: Sophia Fox

Commissioner of Assemblies: Cade Caulfield

Assistant: Joelle Vitiello

Lunch Time Activities: Sophia Russo 

Assistant: Grace Flanagan

Commissioner of Athletics: Mateo Pacelli 

Assistant: Dylan Friedland

Commissioner of Technology: Jake Noble

Assistant: Andrew Livingston

Commissioner of Elections: Riya Agarwal

Assistant: Mia Grust

Head Quartermaster: Diego Campisano

Assistant: Juan Serrano

Floaters: Samaya Patel, Grace Schreckengaust, Lindsay Hole, Cole Spector, Rohan Inamdar, Beau Rowan

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Start Smart @ TP

Start Smart is a required drivers safety class for all on-campus parking. Check by student store! In order to park on campus, you must attend one of these classes and a parent must join you. The permit must be attached to your dashboard before you can park on campus. Upon completion of the course, you can pick up your permit at the student store.

The following rules are in place at each sporting event: No backpacks, skateboards, or open containers allowed. There is no re-entry allowed. All other school rules apply. Appropriate and clean language is required at all times. Foul language or behavior will result in discipline issued by the Administrator overseeing the event.
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