Welcome to Torrey Pines High School ASB!

Dear ASB applicants,

Thank you for your time, enthusiasm, and patience while the graduating seniors conducted their three-week interview process.  The results of the elections and interviews are listed below. 

Please know that this was an exceptionally competitive process.  96 current students and 47 incoming freshmen applied for the ASB program.  These numbers speak volumes to the outstanding school spirit at Torrey Pines.

As difficult as it may seem, please don't feel dismayed if you were not selected.  ASB is designed to empower you, the student body.  If you desire to make a positive impact at Torrey Pines, there are means available and ASB is here to support you.  There are many incredible programs in which to participate:  The 100+ clubs on campus, Cardinal Chaos, PALS, NHS, multitudes of academic endeavors, sports, and all the arts...there are seemingly endless directions in which your enthusiasm for Torrey Pines can shine. 

We thank you so much for applying to ASB and look forward to serving you.

Best regards,
Brad Golden & the ASB Graduating Class of 2015 

Class Roster for 2015-2016 ASB

Alex Aguilar – ASB Commissioner of Environment

Emily Belshin - ASB Commissioner of Academics

Kate Betts - ASB Commissioner of Activities

Dylan Bona - ASB Commissioner of Athletics

Michelle Buhai - ASB Commissioner of Publicity

Jacob Burgess - Senior Class Secretary

Sierra Campisano - Assistant Commissioner of Athletics

Cole Chodorow - Junior Class Treasurer

Sammy Cirino - ASB Commissioner of Elections

Cole Cohen - ASB Commissioner of Technology

Trent Crabtree - ASB Commissioner of Assemblies

Duncan Eshom - ASB Commissioner of Philanthropy

Matthew Feeler - ASB Commissioner of Spirit

Scotty Gange - Spirit Committee

Isaac Gelman - ASB School Board Member

Katie Gitre - ASB Secretary

Tommy Gitre - Sophomore Class Secretary

Reed Harbison - Assistant Commissioner of Publicity

Alexis Hong - Assistant Commissioner of Elections

Kelly Huppert - ASB Treasurer

Michael Jasper - Spirit Committee

Sophia LeRose – Sophomore Class Vice President

Sophie Linden – Senior Class President

Mia Montini – Junior Class Vice President

Blake Muchnick – Sophomore Class Treasurer

Max Myrhum – ASB Commissioner of Clubs

Landis O’Coyne - Assistant Commissioner of Publicity

Georgia Schugar - Assistant Commissioner of Environment

Zac Scornavacco – Junior Class President

Reagan Sherek – Spirit Committee

John Shrek - Assistant Commissioner of Assemblies

Jake Smith - Assistant Commissioner of Technology

Ben Spitters – Senior Class Treasurer

Addie Stewart - Assistant Commissioner of Activities

Laura Walton - Assistant Commissioner of Clubs

Tanner Watkins – Spirit Committee

Jackie Weinrich – ASB President

Nick Wilcox – Senior Class Vice President

Tyrus Willden – Sophomore Class President

Derek Ye – ASB Vice President

Eric Yu – Junior Class Secretary


Nina Budano

Lindy Byrne

Rehanna Fikre

Arpan Guptaray

Lauren Grove

Conner Jabbar

Luke Mikolajewski

Kate Milmoe

Emmie Yao

RED indicates the students selected for the ASB Executive Council, BLUE indicates the elected class councils, ASB assistants are marked in GREEN, and incoming freshmen appear in ORANGE.

May 23, 2014, 7:31 PM