Teacher Logins (user names) for Blackboard are the same as what you used last year.  If you are unable to login, use password as your password, and you should be able to log in.

You can change your password by clicking "my places" at the top, then "personal information"  then "change password"

Student Logins for Blackboard are NOT the same as last year.  They now follow the naming convention that they use starting the 11-12 year to log into the computers, which is:  

LastName+FirstInitial+Last 4 digits of student perm ID#

John Smith - ID# 1234567   =      smithj4567
Jane Doe - ID# 9876543      =      doej6543

Their first time password is their full permanent ID#.  The system will NOT ask them to change their password. Unless they manually go in and change their password it will stay the same throughout they year.  It is recommended that students leave their password as their permanent ID#, so they do not forget it.

The accounts and passwords are NOT linked to their computer login accounts like the previous school year.