SDA's English teachers are excited to have the opportunity to work with our students.  Below you will find the English teachers' names and contact information, as well as links to their websites or Google Classroom, the students have a link on their school Start Page. 
 Teacher Name Teacher Email Course Information Can Be Found at:
Laura Bennett Laura.Bennett@sduhsd.net Google Classroom 
Adam Bishop Adam.Bishop@sduhsd.netWebsite
 Lily Bolig  Lily.Bolig@sduhsd.netGoogle Classroom  
Kelly ChaoKelly.Chao@sduhsd.netGoogle Classroom      
 Jeannie Chufo  Jeannie.Chufo@sduhsd.net Website
 Ellen di CristinaEllen.diCristina@sduhsd.netWebsite
 Yoshiye LeaVesseur Yoshiye.Leavesseur@sduhsd.netWebsite  
 Google Classroom 
 Kerri Leonard Kerri.Leonard@sduhsd.net Google Classroom 
Ruth Magnuson Ruth.Magnuson@sduhsd.net Google Classroom 
 Leona MullenLeona.Mullen@sduhsd.net Google Classroom 
 Paige Pennock  Paige.Pennock@sduhsd.net Google Classroom 
 Rob RossRobert.Ross@sduhsd.net Website
Daniel ReitzDaniel.Reitz@sduhsd.netGoogle Classroom 
 Heather Jacobs Heather.Jacobs@sduhsd.net Google Classroom 

 As well, some of our English courses have their own websites. Click on the links below to be directed to these pages:


 Many of the English teachers use Google Classroom or  a website to provide access to homework assignments and necessary handouts for their classes. All students will use their school login and password to access these sites. 

Please check the Aeries Parent Portal website for current grades.